Sweet Saturday

I’m not sure if I’ll get sick of it after awhile but right now I am loving the UK rain. It’s not violent like in Missouri — I don’t have to ask hubby every other minute if it’s tornadic outside — but just the usual soft sound of rain. It’s lovely and it actually reminds me of the time in Indonesia. I’m not a fan of heat and the rain always bring coolness. Also it’s so dusty where I was from and the rain calms those dust down a bit. On weekends I’d just sit around and read and that

Happy Holidays

M and I are almost done looking at sketch #4’s submissions. The break really made us lazy!! Oh, I want to share this too: There are eight photos that I uploaded last night to Flickr. Half were us playing with the timer and the other half M took. Click on the photo above and you should get to the rest of them. They crack me up! Last night I also made this card. Very quick card, just layers of paper with embellishments here and there. Another holiday card using leftover paper from Zoe Pearn + My Mind’s Eye, My Mind’s

Not Bright Here!

NONE of our Christmas lights work. NICE, huh? I’d hate to buy new ones cause we’re moving to a 220v country soon. Aaaah… Something did brighten my evening though! I’m glad I sat down to go through our pile of mail!! Amy Tsuruta is just awesome. Out of the blue she sent me some goodies… oh and for Miss M too! I haven’t taken a snapshot of them or dug through her blog to find these gifties but they’re just beautiful and the contents are so delish! Thanks, Amy! Even Jovie loved them… the plastic had just the right amount