Three Down

And three and a half more weeks of summer holiday to go. Wow, where did the time go? In a few weeks BOTH girls will be in school!! We still have tons of fun things to do and places to go with gymnastics practice in between. M’s first real gymnastics meet will be in a few weeks (terms and conditions apply — details later) and she’s looking forward to going. Before I go, let me share this little tip: Unless it’s a race, take your time and enjoy it. If you go to fast, you might end up like this:

Give Thanks

I try to be thankful everyday for something or another. But lately I’ve been quite thankful for many many things that we are blessed with. Not only have we been blessed with the basics, we’ve also been showered with opportunities that many people could only dream of (even I am amazed at the life we have). I’ve been editing photos the last few days and I just realized how many places we’ve been to since April and all the things we did while there. The girls and hubby are always in one photo or another and they always give me

Lines and Shapes

When I first saw the Quilt Cut dies I first thought, “What am I to do with these?” I don’t quilt you see and I lack the ability to put quilting patterns together. But then once I used the dies, I saw something else more interesting. Plus, I figured that the other DTs will be quilting and/or making something from the hexagon/petal bits {::WINK}. So here it is, lots of lines, a bit of swirls, and the leftover bits of the hexagon and petal die. I like {::SMILES}. Don’t forget to see what the other DTs have in store for

A Bit Behind

BUT, I did make a card for WPlus9’s August/September release!! Our little Paris vacation kind of clashed with WPlus9’s release but after a bit of tidying up, recuperating(we walked EVERYWHERE!) and going on base to pick up the mail, I finally got the chance to create something with some new goodies. Wait till you get your hands on these dies and stamps. So so fun!! For this particular card I used the Happy Harvest and Country charm set with matching dies. I am not going to bore you with my ramblings today because there are so many fun sneaks from

Happy Birthday, Jovie!!

I remember my post from 3 years ago. I little introduction to one precious baby girl. She’s been such a wonderful addition to our family. She makes us laugh, she amazes us each day with her cleverness, she tests our patience, she has probably gotten more time outs than Emma but we couldn’t have asked for a better daughter and sister. She’s such a little character and we just love her to pieces. She woke up to a very good morning. She knew it was special because we all wished her happy birthday. She knew the day was super special

Relaxing Time!

It’s Jubilee weekend here in England and a school holiday. The girls and I have one week to relax, lounge around and do a little bit of exploring. WHOOHOO!! We’re really hoping that the sun will come out sometimes next week. I want to take the girls to the beach but without the sun, the beaches here can be less enjoyable (or completely miserable). Today, Emma’s a bit under the weather (no pun intended). We went to Cambridge to do a bit of shopping for baby girl’s birthday and even before we hit the first shop, M said she was