WPlus9 Day 2

And we’re another day closer to Christmas!!! {::SMILE} We did all sorts of holiday activities this weekend which included sitting on Santa’s lap and getting a tree that was almost “Elf” ish (photos inserted from Instagram, add me: scwilder for the description of each image): Another card share today and of course it’s from none other than the wonderful WPlus9! I did a simple layered card for today. I said simple because there’s nothing intricate to the putting together of this piece. While I could have added more sizzle with some sewing around the edges, distressing, inking, etc, I decided

WPlus9 Day 1

There’s something really nice about working for a company that produce seasonal stuff: One gets to create things that’s not in season {::SMILES}. The last few days I’ve been creating lovey dovey aka Valentine stuff. It’s been wonderful because the process has given me a little break from all the Christmas need-to-d0. Even though Christmas is my favorite holiday, it can get tiring. The little break was definitely welcomed! Soooo, a huge mess and a few cards later, I created the above using some coming up soon stamps from WPlus9. Isn’t the turtle super cute?!?! I love all the little

Ed Ramblings

Everybody who knows me in person knows that I am all about education. There’s not a day where I don’t think about it or not do the act of educating. To me, learning is like food. It’s something I need and crave. After I had M, I knew soon after that one day she’ll go to kindergarten, middle school, high school and then college. It was the same after I had Jovie. I knew within a few months that she’ll one day go to college. So after settling with the new family addition we opened a college fund and when

Christmas Day 3 + 10 Min Craft Dash

I can’t remember the last time I did a color challenge. Back in the days (feels like ages ago), I used to do 2-3 of them a week and it was during those times that I met most of my current blog friends. Always great fun and I am hoping to get back into it again… or at least participate in the ones that my (old) blog friends are hosting on a more regular basis. The other day, Dawn from WPlus9, emailed us a challenge that WPlus9 is sponsoring and while I know Paulina, I have no idea about this

Christmas Day 2

Have you ever missed a school event because you didn’t know about it? I almost did! If my friend didn’t message me asking for me to take notes, I wouldn’t have known and gone! Bad mommy!! The message came while I was creating a few quick Christmas cards. I was aiming for “quick” so that I can get the amount of cards that I need by mid-November. Mail from the US has been a smidge slower lately and I want to make sure that my cards will get to their destination on time. Speaking of mail, postage has gone up

Christmas Day 1

It’s OCTOBER! Yikes AND eeeeeeeks at the same time!! I know I’ve said this already but time is sure going by fast this year! While I wish the days would go by slower, there are a few things that I LOVE about this time of year: Fall, Halloween, AND prepping for Christmas. Last year I got swamped for some reason and didn’t get to send many cards. So to make it up, this year not only do I want to send out some of the handmade cards I’ve made, I want to also present adorably decorated little gifties (I also