Wplus9: Day 1

Hi!!! Hope you all are having a great weekend!! We JUST got back from a lovely holiday at the coast and I can’t wait to share some of our photos with you!! In the mean time, WPlus9 is releasing MORE fabulous stamps, dies and ink and here’s one sneak peek for you to enjoy from me… Love? I do!!! There are some really fun stamps from this release so keep watching this space and the DT’s blogs for more! Cristina Kowalczyk Elise Durenberger Jean Martin Jinny Newlin Kerrianne Gwin¬†– will be joining us later this month Lea Lawson Sarah Martina

36 More Days

Until Jovie’s birthday party! And I’ve gone a bit overboard on the planning — but hey, what’s new {::SMILES} Jovie and I decided to do a fairy and pirate birthday party for her upcoming fourth birthday. Since we just decided a week ago, I moved the party back to the 15th instead of closer to the 4th of June (her birth day), so that I can prepare accordingly. Soooooooo, to make the party oh so pretty and fun, crazy mama here ordered over 600 yards of 6″ tulle to make six tutus, a few pom pom tulle decors, and tulle

Gift Box + Card

Hey! Don’t fall off your seats but I am still here!! I have been so busy the last few weeks. I had family over for two weeks and I spent a couple of weeks before their arrival getting rid of stuff to make room for an extra bed. I’ve also been busy with my new (finally) business. If you’re interested you can check it out: Savitri Wilder Photography. I’ve been on and off about starting, mostly off due to children duties, but now that Jovie’s in preschool 3x a week and in September going full time, I have no more

Nando’s and Charcoal

Last week I decided to try Nando’s. It’s a chain BBQ chicken restaurant that a lot of people, US military people that is, seem to really like. It was good. BUT, it wasn’t something magnificent. I mean basically, if you all know how to light a BBQ, throw a few lightly marinated chicken pieces on top of it, attempt to not burn them and later lather the well BBQ’d chicken with the Nando’s Peri-Peri sauce, you’ll get more less the same thing. So taste wise, it was an 8. If I were stuck at a train station and the options

Cards Magazine Blog Challenge

Hello folks! Hope your day is better than mine. I’ve had a stiff neck and upper right shoulder since Monday and I am not a very happy camper (it’s just a bit of an inconvenience since I have a lot to do which requires my right arm). BUT, as long as I don’t do sudden moves or reach up high or down low, I can still create {::SMILES}. This month WPlus9 is sponsoring Card’s Magazine blog challenge and based on the lovely sketch by Dawn, I came up with the above card. Do join us because there is a set

Sneak Peek Day 3

Today we’re celebrating M’s birthday. Her actual birthday is not until the 5th but since it’s a school and gym night, we’re going to do special things with her today. Can you believe she’ll be nine-years-old in two days?!?! I think only Amy Tsuruta may remember this, but look at her six years ago: She was already a little world traveler and super adorable! How time flies (and wow, my scrapbook style hasn’t changed much)!! Today I want to share a *NEW* card created using some *NEW* stamps and dies from WPlus9. LOVE the little banner!! M’s having a little