Kids and Technology

Wow, it’s Thursday AND pass mid-month. Before we all know it’ll be February!! There’s nothing overly exciting over here, just looking forward to M’s birthday party in a few weeks. Check out the little babe above. She’s been into playing games on my phone. Jovie is quick with the computer. I copied her signing video onto my laptop’s desktop and she can go from turning the machine on to watching it. She’s been doing this for a month or two, I can’t remember. Many kids are surrounded with technology nowadays. This week my grad. students are discussing our digital nation

Webster’s Pages

Have you gals ever seen their products? GASP!!! Drop dead gorgeous, especially in person!!! Also, the paper, they smell different. Good for sure!!! I’m not sure what it is. Might be the ink but goodness, it’s better than sniffing Crayolas ha ha ha!! I found them yesterday at the expo. I’ve been wanting to get some but since I haven’t found any locally I’ve been putting it off — waiting for a big order so that I can get free shipping from somewhere. Yesterday I wish I have $120 or so extra so that I could buy ALL their stuff