Another Saturday Sketch

At Waltzingmouse! Sketch #10!! Here’s my card for this week’s challenge. It’s pretty clean and simple. Goes along with the feel of the sketch — at least to me. BUT, you should see all the cards that the other DT made. WOW WOW WOW. Makes my card look pitiful!! As for this weekend… it’s a weekend already? Goodness, time did fly this week!! The last few days the weather’s been gray. Rain, rain, rain. What you’d think of when you hear: England. It’s wonderful that I’m not working because the girls and I could lounge around in our jammies all

Stamp Winner + Photo Tip

It was so much easier to take a photograph of Jovie a few months ago. She was less jumpy, wiggly, and rambunctious. But now and then, after 10-20 shots, I’d get one good one. Thank goodness for digital, right? My tip for today isn’t how to make your moving child stay still (duct tape might help) but it’s about staying on their level. When I take my kids’ photos I like to get down on their level. If you want to make them look small or helpless then getting a shot from the top is great but for fun kiddie

Waltzingmouse Sketch #9

I know, three post in one morning from me. The world must be coming to an end… or Savitri’s turning into a blog nut… ha! Well, all my announcements was suppose to post on Friday, BUT, with Jovie it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it. Yeah yeah, blame in the one who can’t speak, huh? {::SMILE}. BUT, it’s Waltzingmouse time and the Mischief Maker has an AWESOME sketch for you — there’s a prize too for this week if you play along! Nice, huh?!?! You should see all of the DT’s creations with this sketch!!! GORGEOUS!!! If you’re

Sweet Saturday

I’m not sure if I’ll get sick of it after awhile but right now I am loving the UK rain. It’s not violent like in Missouri — I don’t have to ask hubby every other minute if it’s tornadic outside — but just the usual soft sound of rain. It’s lovely and it actually reminds me of the time in Indonesia. I’m not a fan of heat and the rain always bring coolness. Also it’s so dusty where I was from and the rain calms those dust down a bit. On weekends I’d just sit around and read and that

The Birthday Cake, Answer

First of all, I’ve been getting emails again on how to subscribe to my blog. If you look up, top right, you’ll see the search box and two icons above it. If you click on the elephant’s butt you’ll be taken to the subscription page. Yes, I have a thing for butts — one of my favorite college time song is by Sir Mix-A-Lot (ha!!). You can also click here. I am starting to feel it, not yet but it’s coming, of the need to update my blog. I like the design just fine but I need to make it

Ha Bwah + Candy Winner

That wasn’t a foreign language. That’s Jovie’s language. The girl can talk! I thought M was pretty bad… although yesterday morning I could have duck taped M’s mouth he he he… Let me get to M first… I have these flute glass that I rarely use and Saturday I felt like using them for breakfast. Saturday night we did dishes and M’s in charge of putting dishes away. So in the middle of putting dishes away: M: Mommy, would you like a fancy drink? Me: No. M: Mommy, can I make you a fancy drink? Me: No, I’m ok. M: