London, Again

We went to London Saturday and had a fabulous time. I initially wanted to go to the British Museum but we didn’t get to London until 2-ish and while walking to Chinatown to get some pork buns we stumbled upon and Indonesian restaurant, Nusa Dua, and had to stop. We didn’t order much though because before we came in we decided that yesterday would just be culinary day instead of museum day and just try whatever we find, a little bit here and there. So we just ordered two appetizers and a soup dish for me. The appetizers were great

I Went to the Airport

I mean IKEA. I did my virgin IKEA visit and my thought of it as I was paying and confirmed as I walked out towards my car: IKEA is a mini airport. Since this is a long post let me get to the card first since it is WPlus9’s countdown day. Another card with Ever After. I think this is becoming to be my favorite set! Now you can’t really tell but I did layer the flower which I learned is Gardenia. The card is pretty simple. Just stamping and a tiny bit of (digital) pattern paper with embellishments. I

Driving to Germany

I am getting ready to get the hubby in Germany. Ok, it’s still a few weeks but I am a planner. If I can get everything my way I’d plan every single details of my life. BUT, it’s probably a good thing life isn’t like that because I’d be totally boring person and I’d be busy just researching what my next meal will be. I still like to plan but I can wing it if I must or just feel sporadic. The girls and I are planning on driving through the M25 (the Interstate in the US) — or the

Cambridge Time

The girls and I went to Cambridge today. I drove in to the outskirt of the city and then took the Park and Ride bus. The cost was excellent: £2.30/rt for the three of us. One adult ticket can include six children under 11. This is a great deal if there’s no huge shopping involved AND it’s more than an hour. Parking garages are expensive in Cambridge. For a whole day of browsing for example it can cost £22! The two big things for me besides the cost are the amount of bikes roaming around the streets and I can’t

Beautiful (Busy) London

We went to London over the weekend and had the best time!! Not only was the sight-seeing great the company and food, to me at least, was just awesome. Not only did I get to see a dear friend from eight years ago, we used to work at Micron in Boise, ID, but I also got to meet up with my number one best friend. We left Sunday early in the morning. At first we thought of catching a train from Cambridge to King Cross for £40 (family price) but then we found that we could drive to a tube

Speaking English

Singapore Airline has us spoiled. That’s our airline of choice when going overseas. The top safety ratings, the beautiful uniform, the friendly flight crews, the hot towels before take-off and before landing, the generous and delicious meals, the kid’s package (M was SPOILED rotten on our flights), the entertainment, etc. On our flight from the U.S. to the UK we had to be on United. It was courtesy of the USAF so it’s not like we could pick and choose but it wasn’t too bad. On his flight, hubby did feel the need to ask for a hot towel. He