Tut: Scor-It + Bunny Ears Ribbon Tieing

Here’s this week’s project for 2S4Y based on Laura’s sketch #23. This week’s sponsor is Scor-It! Love my It!!! To see how I created the above, check out the video below. NOTE: There’s no music in this tut. Been fighting with my video editor and got tired. One day I’ll add music to it but not today. Also, I blame it on preggo brain, I have no idea what I was saying in the video… when I did talk… I think I called this thing a card or a box or something… just ignore me and watch the video only

Tut: The Bookmark Feature in Acrobat Pro

httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3yeKbmLq7k Ok you folks who have Adobe Acrobat Professional and is a demo or Stampin’ Up fan, this tut is for you! I love my SU paper catty but lately I have been doing my bookmarking and stuff on the electronic version. Why? Cause it’s easier and it keeps my book copy nice and clean. Just check out the video above to know what I mean. But as a demo or customer using this method can make online information more graphic and easier — less likely to mess up pages and stamp sets {::SMILES}. Have a great one! PS: I

Tut: Scalloped Edges

httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T57J1Qwg2aw Woah, a tutorial!! It’s been a while, huh? This one’s an easy one. Basically it’s learning how to be cleverer than Photoshop, ha! I use this trick to outline a lot of stuff with my magic wand. I use this to create pieces for my KnK too (which I’ll share soon enough… the converting to different extensions is a bit challenging since there are different machines out there). I just dump a solid color (black) to the selected area, save it and import it to KnK to cut. Here’s a sample layout that I did. See the scalloped piece

Tut: Photoshop Styles

[youtube]5DimlljqaNY[/youtube] It’s been a while but here’s another Photoshop tutorial. The subject was an email request from one of you, I hope the video helps. My styles file size after saving the two styles: 3kb. I haven’t been playing much with digital and got clueless on what type of tuts to make. So thank you for the suggestion!! Not sure what the kids (one hubby, one child, and two fur babies) are doing. They left me alone to finish my real estate stuff but here I am blogging. Ok, this will be short, I want to finish so that we

Tut: Paper Flower

[youtube]4PU1VuA3P3Q[/youtube] The video that I said I’d make. Hope you find it useful! EDIT: I added a template… in case you’re not too comfortable winging it or freehanding it: .doc file .pdf file This is a page that I did for SoSketchy. I used a kit by Kasia from Shabby Pickle for this LO. I love her stuff, even for none digi people, the papers at least are really fun to print out. Just like the page says, Love Everyday. Even if the little turd can’t seem to leave me a lone and be quiet for one itty bitty bit

Tut: Extracting Using the Magnetic Lasso Tool

[youtube]XolJ2SgtXRU[/youtube] NOTE: This is a tutorial created in Photoshop Elements 6 but this function is also in Photoshop. Remember, if your background colors are just too close to whatever you’re extracting, try a different method (watch my other extraction videos). Another digi page (but you can easily lift this using the traditional method). This picture is actually an interesting picture. She doesn’t sleep like this anymore but her daddy, when he was little, used to sleep like this too. It’s so weird! She’s never seen that picture and actually she was too little and as you can probably see was