Tut+Freebie: Recoloring in Word 2007

Ok peeps, I’ve been on Splitcoast this week and it seems like people are getting more and more into digital stamps (I don’t get on SCS much cause when I do I tend to shop more… the Tools and Products section ALWAYS gets me). This is great, more options for you AND quicker access! If you’ve been visiting my blog you probably know I have a video on how to print a digital stamp/image in Word. A few posts ago I posted my handwriting with a Word (.doc) file in case you want to just quickly print the file out

Tut: Adding Dots – Shape + Brush Tool

httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yiDs3O1fyKI Now folks, keep in mind that in Photoshop (or any software) there are many ways to achieve a certain result. What I usually show in my tutorials are the easiest way for me (and I don’t know all the Photoshop tricks available — I wish though) and I hope it helps you a tad bit. In this tutorial I used the Rounded Rectangle tool but really you can use ANY of the other shapes using this method. IF you already have the marching ants, maybe by using the magic wand tool for example, you can go straight to the

Tut: Rounded Corners in Photoshop

Wow, it’s been awhile since I made a video tutorial, huh? Well, today I made three! I was suppose to just work half a day and then work out but uhm… I got lazy and so did the work half day but ended up sitting on my comfy chair and made three tuts. Here’s one… I still need to edit the two. httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBFrMPJ2KPY With this method you can use it to pretty up your background paper, make a small tag, or create a banner for your blog. Lots of stuff! I can’t remember if Gimp or Elements have something similar

I {Heart} You

Here’s a little Bam Pop that I’ve been hoarding for over a year. I thought it’s about time to use this little guy and paper. It’s a super fast card… another one I whipped out. Seems like that’s my style lately {::SMILES}. Just a quickie post for tonight. I also want to share this video tut that I made at work last week. It’s a little Word 2007 tip. I’m going to start doing a tip of the day type of videos for work… we’ll see how long that’ll last… that I’ll be posting on my work blog. I did

Google Reader + Blog Candy

NOTE: This is a sticky. Please scroll down to the next post for my newest entry! Hi readers! Before I get to the blog candy, I want to write this… I’ve been a bit slow in updating my blog. Reason being: Just very little time since I went back to work. Besides my full-time job I am also an adjunct for the university where I work at and this semester I am also taking a photography class. Ok, I’m not doing it for a grade but I do want to learn the material and try to read my text books

Tut: Printing Digital Images in Word

httpvh://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAkyrj0RvIU Note: For a better view, you might want to watch it directly on YouTube. It’s just bigger than my blog screen. You don’t need to have Photoshop or any fancy graphic editor to try hybrid card making/scrapbooking. Word is good enough. Here’s a little tut to help you get started. Oh, I print with a regular Canon (I got it free with my Mac) color printer and on regular card stock. I usually use the card stock from Office Depot/WalMart. They’re 110lbs paper but they fit my printer better than the SU/PaperTrey ones (the PTI paper’s a bit thicker