Starting Digital Scrapbooking in PSE

This tutorial was done in Elements 4 but it’s the same concept for the most part. The important part of working with a digital scrapbooking in any Photoshop product is to understand the concept of layers and inserting new images, text, or brush on top of one another and rearranging these layers to your needs and liking. I have created a video on how to get started. Nothing fancy but hope it’ll help you understand the concept.

Resizing your Image in Photoshop

Once you insert your image or object you can resize and rotate by using the Free Transform tool. Select the layer/image, click on Edit and select Free Transform. Once your image is selected you can resize the image or rotate it to your liking. I have provided a video to help you understand this concept. The video was created in Photoshop CS but you will be able to use the information for any older or newer Photoshop application. The video is a bit small on screen, to get a bigger view, click “Download” on the bottom right of the video