Happy Weekend!!!

Hi! Hope everybody’s having a great Saturday! M and I just got out of bed. M clonked out but we all came home at 2 a.m. last night. We were invited to hubby’s coworker’s house for some Rock Band and karaoke type of competition on the Playstation. We both sucked but it was fun. M had fun too because there were two little girls there too and one was her age. They had a blast playing. The other little girl, she’s 2, was flirting with the hubby…. ha, too too cute!!! Here’s a page I made using some Making Memories

I Had an Awesome Date :)

I really love my Martha Stewart butterfly punch. I can use it on anything. The card I made the other day and this layout. I try not to use the punch too much but sometimes I can’t help it {::SMILE}. This picture was taken while we were waiting for the hospital to discharge us after M was born. We were soooo happy. We were going home as a little family! My date yesterday was so nice, we went to Lexington, MO. Very relaxing while at the same time M’s super happy to be at school, meeting her friends and doing