Halloween, Take 2

It’s our second Halloween here in the UK and the whole trick-or-treating event was better than last year! We had more kids stopping by for candies and Emma came home with a good stash of candies. Now, it’s not that we eat a lot of sweets but, the amount that the kids brought in gave me a good indication of how many families participated in this fun event this year. We had quite a bit of fun the last few days that we’re somewhat thinking of hosting a party and really decorating our house next year. Emma was quite inspired

Time Needs to Slow Down!

It’s almost the end of the month. Nooooo!! I still have a lot of stuff to finish! Then once it hits May it’ll just be one more month before Jovie turns two. NO NO NO! I don’t want her or M to grow up anymore. I wanted M to stay little but she didn’t listen. Jovie’s better at being little than M but everyday she gets a little less baby-ish. I really haven’t crafted much. M have been out of school for two weeks. She just went back today but this Friday-Monday is a long weekend here due to two