Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Do you remember this baby girl from a year ago? I can’t believe how fast time flies!! So many things have happened in the last year and all for the best. Can you believe that was her newborn picture? Just an hour or so after she was born? Here’s Jovie now. Older but still very petite. She’s still wearing 6-9 mo. outfits and not out of the #2 diapers. Despite her size, she’s one fiesty and tough little girl. Emma said that she’s like the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. We had a good laugh because without the


Wuih! What a week! It’s been crazy busy here and I think in a little bit I will be able to relax… furniture-less but relaxing! The moving folks are coming to pick up our stuff mid-month (FINALLY!!). It’ll take about 55-60 days to get to the UK. Then early April they’re going to take everything else like extra clothes, pots and pans, crafty stuff, etc. This last part is called unaccompanied baggage and this shipment takes about 40-45 days to get to the UK. When will we leave? About April 21st. That’s more less what I am aiming for. M’s

Thinking of You

I’ve been kind of lazy lately. I haven’t been really motivated to make anything crafty. Most of it I think is due to lack of sleep. Jovie’s been on some funky sleep pattern and I’m not sure if it’s cause she’s going through another growth spurt (the kid needs one) or cause of the two teeth that are coming out. Whatever it is she better hurry it up cause momma can only hold on for so long. I’ve also been a lazy blog hopper. I’ve been glancing at my Google Reader but I’ve only clicked a few post and commented

What Will I Do in the UK?

I’m sitting here taking a grading break. Last week was a disaster for me in terms of computers, teaching, and health. I’ve been playing catch up and I am almost there. Being stuck at home and having all your computers break down (or for one it just turns on when it wants to and then randomly freezes up) while teaching online was just not ideal. Right now I’m on this dinosaur computer. It does what I need to do but it’s painful. One of the IT guys did pick up my work laptop today so that should be (I hope)

Hybrid Challenge at TDC

Hey, it’s me again! I have some fun news to share but not today. In the mean time, hope on over to the DigiChick cause I’m hosting a challenge and if you play a long you can win a prize (even if you don’t to play hop on over, there’s a free paper pack that you can download)! It’s my first blog post at TDC and I think my first challenge <– Wow, did I just write that? My kid has had more challenges under her belt than me! Speaking of, the M is out of sketch ideas. She said

Clear and Simple Goodies

Remember I told you about my Embellish Magazine win? Well, the package from Clear and Simple stamps came today on my day off!! Savitri needed a break from taking care of sick kids. Plus, the house needed some lovin’. From CSS I got some buttons, ribbons, stamp cleaners, acrylic blocks, a stamp set, paper, and inks (I used most on the card below… everything CSS but the hybrid pattern paper). I haven’t tried them all but so far, everything I used was really nice! Thank you ladies at Clear and Simple!!!! The pattern paper’s from the DigiChick. They’re pattern paper