M’s Sketch #4

This is a sticky, scroll down for latest post! Oh, deadline is Nov. 25th by midnight CST. Hey, M got motivated and made us another (HAAAAAAARD) sketch. Ok, it was hard for me for her, she just whipped her card right out after she did her sketch. Now, the weather has been dreary here and since I work during the day I’ve been having a hard time taking good pictures. So this will do. M was also not feeling too hot this morning. She said her tummy kind of hurts and so that’s why her face looked so sad (I

Freebie: Happy

First of all, this note’s for Amy: You happy now? You kept nagging me about this {::SMILES}. Second, this is a hybrid card with paper my Fee Jardine, Fly Little Birdie, at Sweet Shoppe Designs. I used some left over strips from this mini book that I’ve been working on (it’ll never get done it seems!). I did some sewing too and the sentiment is my handwriting. At least the “happy” part. The best part of this whole post… I am SHARING my handwriting with you!! See, Amy, I am doing something with my handwriting {::GRIN}. I can’t sell it…

I Think I’m Going to Cry…

So I tried to make myself feel better by thinking of all the good stuff, how wonderful it is to have the opportunity to live this life of mine in this lifetime but still, and that I’m not that old BUT… I feel stinkin’ old!!! Oh well, I’m still young at heart {::SMILES}. Ok, I’m going to bed. Nuff of this getting old stuff… I used Zoe Pearn’s kit again, C’est La Vie, from Sweet Shoppe Designs.

My Sassy Pants

How was your World Card Making Day yesterday? Mine was great. I didn’t make a card though {::SMILES}. The card stuff just wasn’t calling my name but the scrappy stuff was. Actually I had all the below except for the background paper ready for a card but I changed my mind when I saw M’s picture. After I got done with this page I got started on a mini album. Hopefully I can get that done this week. It’s a Jovie album, to celebrate four months of greatness with her (happy 4-mo, Jove!!). Oh, we did try the rice with

Sweet 2S4Y

Hiya! Today’s Friday, YEAH!!! This week’s been a pretty good week. M got chosen to be the Cougar (her school’s mascot) of the week in her class. She’s been getting a smiley face everyday for listening, doing her work, participation, and for being kind to others. It’s a new thing and she’s the first to get it. YEAH, M!!!! Me… this week I got an email from Robin and she invited me to be on of her hybrid CT at Sweet Shoppe Design. After seeing what her store has and the gals I’ll be working with, I couldn’t say no.