Charity FAIL

We sell stuff we don’t use anymore. Only big stuff though. Our first and last yard sale was before moving to the UK. Little things like used clothes, toys, books, etc. we donate. In the UK you can either take your donations to the different charity shops (many many different versions of the Salvation Army type stores here; every charity has a shop I think) or, these charities will come around, door-to-door, and drop off a little bag with days of when they’ll be coming by to collect and we all just stuff our donations in those bags. Ninety percent

Language Learning

I have a French audio language tutorial plugged in to my ears right now so we’ll see how my post will turn out… I am getting ready for our little trip to France and Germany to get the hubby in Sept. I like to learn the language of the country I visit. Granted I was never good when I get there it’s nice to be able to understand a bit and/or to say a few phrases. Any hints on how to learn a language well besides immersion? Last night I was browsing around for some inspiration and fell in love


The girls are very lucky to have this dude as a dad. He not only loves and cares about these two girls but he’s also fun, funny, sweet, and approachable. He’s the kind of dad who looks forward to Jovie napping on him for hours or putting aside his own fun so that he can help M learn to ride her bike. Hugs and kisses from the girls are what makes him happy and even though he hates doo, he’ll go change Jovie’s poopie diapers. When the girls grow up they’ll also realize that daddy’s a great person to talk

The Color Room

Happy weekend everybody! Hope you’re enjoying a wonderful Sunday. We are!! Last night I got the chance to do some scrapbooking. It was NICE!! The picture I used was the one I did a tutorial on at TDC. While I was looking for some inspiration I came upon the Color Room’s colors and sketch. The sketch I didn’t quite follow all the way. I have the title and three photos and although the journaling isn’t quite where it’s suppose to be on the sketch I did add some. I don’t journal much on my pages. While I love scrapbook sketches

Two-Steppin’, Funnies, and Budgeting

Hi y’all, I two stepped. Oh yeah, me, Savitri, two-stepped. How? Cause hubby let me lead. I’m not good with music. I have to read sheet notes to be able to play any songs on the keyboard where my sister can just memorize and/or listen. But I can listen to rhythms and  beats and that’s what I did. I wasn’t awesome but I two stepped! Oh, I did the Electric Slide (it was rough starting but then it was like riding a bicycle… it just came back) and who knew what else. There were all sorts of Electric Slide-ish types

Is Moving Ever Fun?

Moving things around sucks, going through junk sucks, deciding what to keep and not to keep sucks, comforting M sucks (three melt downs so far), imagining a few months with VERY minimal furniture sucks, the thought of leaving my job sucks (I love my job and plus, not working equals to house wife duties aka cleaning). Hmmm… what else? You done listening to me whine? Sucks, sucks, sucks. But, all the negativities does go away when I think about the journey ahead… all the adventure that we’ll be having whether they’re good or bad as a family. That’s why my