Jovie’s Belated

Well, my baby girl is officially 2… almost a month later… While we did celebrate when we were driving around France it didn’t feel right, a small cupcake in a hotel room after dinner wasn’t enough I thought. So today we did a little happy belated party. It wasn’t anything big. On some Thursdays M has her friends over. Since we see them often (between school, ballet and gymnastics), these girls have become Jovie’s best buds. When the girls are here I usually give them a little snack anyways so the only difference was the cake (which was BEAUTIFUL), good

1001 Things

To do… You’ve had those days, right? Between working, M’s birthday coming up, her first big birthday party, and household stuff I’ll be a bit swamped. They’re all fun though so it’s not all bad. I know where my priorities are at least and so if some things aren’t like I imagine them to be (like oh so nice decors for the party) I’ll learn to be ok with it. M’s having a funky dress-up + carnival + whatever mom comes up with party. We’re kind of winging it really. I think M came up with funky dress up so

Happy 2011!!

Wow, it’s been a week since I updated my blog! I didn’t intend on not documenting our Christmas and all that but the Kindle kept me busy (I’ve been busy organizing the house too). I think hubby’s regretting his present for me. I think I need to quit it too. Going to bed at 2 or even 4 a.m. to craft is one thing but to use my eyes on grey text (200 pgs/day since Christmas, HA!) until that time (I was also cooking, doing chores, playing with the girls, watching movies and more with the Kindle) is a bit