I Am E-Challenged

E, short for entertainment. I have a BA in mass communications. My emphasis was advertising and public relations. Through out my college years I was encouraged to read as much as I could and to watch TV. The radio was briefly mentioned and so I never really got into it and the Internet was still in its infancy – I was happy just to get e-mail!! But, while my reading was limited to Danielle Steele and my TV was stuck on Supermarket Sweep, I can say that I was pretty well rounded when it comes to celebrities, TV shows, ads,

Lentil Weaver

Say what?! Lentil weaver. It’s my new term. I tried to get a definition by Googling and found this one forum where I found some of the answers hilarious. This one too, from Urban Dictionary, was quite entertaining. None of the links I gave you has a really good definition but if you read through them you’ll get the idea of what a lentil weaver is. I can’t remember how this all started. I think it started after we had tea at one of our friend’s house and also from our talks about wooden toys afterwards. This friend that we


Happy Saturday! Have a little tag for you today! It’s inspired by Waltzingmouse’s sketch for this week and I had a lot of fun making it. While I think a lighter ink would make the background stamping better, the tag turned out alright and at the end I love it (and looking at it again this morning I still do). That’s what matters, right? I have been having a lot of great fun here. I’ve been socializing more and making great local friends. At every place I’ve lived in I’ve managed to make some great friends but getting to know

Gymnastics Morning

Hi! How’s your day going? It’s a Saturday here and for us it means no more sleeping in because a week and a half ago Emma was invited to join a competitive gymnastics group. Everything happened unexpectedly and quick and so now I am a gymnastics mom. It’s a good 25 minutes drive and so instead of going home I watch, run errands or in the case of last weekend and this weekend, we’ll be hanging out at the farmer’s market. M practices 4.5 hrs/week with a question mark next to another two hours in a few weeks/months if M


Goodness gracious, it’s been soooooo long since I posted. I have been very busy and for a few days I have had no Internet. There are a lot of news to share though, all personal, and all great. Before I start, I want to share this little card I made based on Waltzingmouse’s sketch for this week. I am not sure if you can see it but the border piece were cut into three pieces. I placed buttons over the cut lines. Can you see? Very fun simple sketch which is very versatile. LOVE the sentiment too… PRETTY! The biggest

Heat Wave!

While my accent is still quite American my body has definitely become British! It was in the high 70s today and goodness my gracious, I was dying! We went to the Cambridge midsummer fair, celebrating its 800th year (which makes it the oldest fair in the UK – I’d think the world’s oldest too), and couldn’t stay too long. I remember last year, hubby and I had a good giggle because one of our neighbors was complaining about how hot it was to cook. It was no higher than 75 degrees (23.8C) that day and coming from Missouri we were