Happy Saturday, all! Today I just want to save a little memory of Jovie’s development… The last few days Jovie has become more of a toddler. Everything she likes/touches is “mine” or “my”. Have you read/heard of the toddler creed? Here it is… Original writer was Dr. Burton L. Wright: The Toddler’s Creed If I want it, IT’S MINE! If I give it to you and change my mind later, IT’S MINE! If I can take it away from you, IT’S MINE! If it’s mine it will never belong to anybody else, No matter what. If we are building something

Flowering Jasmine Tea

Guess what we all did yesterday? NOTHING! Hubby and M made our $9.95/mo Netflix subscription totally worth it yesterday I think. Since hubby woke up, him and M have been watching TV. M loved it (even though all they watched were documentaries and Dirty Jobs) because it’s not something I let her do. Also, she doesn’t see her daddy much because of his work schedule so she was soaking it all in. I got a nap in and Jovie… well, it was another busy day for her as usual: She made a lot of mess and I picked up here

Our Precious

That’s what I was going to title the page above but I just couldn’t because I kept thinking of Gollum. I can hear it right now: “My preciouuuuussss.” I think my kid’s a lot cuter than him though {::SMILES}. I love the picture of Jovie. I just took the photograph a few days ago and love it because I can see her daddy all over that little face. A few days ago Jovie turned 17-mo and she’s now walking, signing and somewhat saying words. One thing for sure: She is ADORABLE!! Emma grew up quick and at Jovie’s age she was

Luv U

Yesterday we went to Cambridge again and finished uniform shopping. I can’t wait to take some photos of her in her winter do. They’re just gray and black with white shirt/polo but she looked so smart and cute in them (she modeled for me). Total cost, shoes not included, was a tad bit less than £60. I think that was on the expensive side too because some people around here really know where to go for deals. I got her pinafore for £7 and I’ve heard people getting them for £5. I also bought some cute 3/4 sleeve shirts instead

Counting Down…

It’s four more weeks until my due date: June 4th! My friends said I look good for my stage but goodness, I really feel like Shamu! He’s waaaay cuter than I am tho he he… Here’s a page using some SEI paper. It’s pretty simple really. Just arranged some paper and slapped on a few embellishments. The flowers in the center were cut out from a single SEI paper. Love these pics of them two. They always have a great time when they play even though each usually ends with M crying cause they played too hard. But once the

CAS Saturday

Just  a super quick post before I go to Kansas City for my friend’s (my upline) baby shower. Cheesecake Factory here I come. This is a card for her. She’s expecting a girl but I thought I’d keep the card neutral and simple for the occasion. It’s been a while since I made a clean line card. I can still do it {::SMILES}. I used some SEI paper, SU stamp, and ribbon from Michael’s. We went out to get sushi last night and stopped at the craft store. I loaded up on Prima stuff that was on sale and the