M’s school break. Tomorrow’s her last day and she’ll be done with her year 1 aka kindergarten. My baby is growing up!!! Waaaaaaaaaay too fast!! I think this is why Jovie’s not growing up. I keep telling her to take her time and she might actually be listening to me! I’ll be busy the next few days planning our outings amongst other things. I have a few projects I want to finish too that’s work related. They’re all fun stuff, just need to find the time. Speaking of work, I’ve been asked by our neighbor to help him here and

Is This THE Night?

For Jovie to sleep through the night? She cried twice but very short and she put herself back to sleep. Crossing fingers!!! M was, and still not, one who can put herself back to sleep. Now and then she’d calm herself down but most of the time I’d have to come in and tuck her back in. Or chase her around the house first and then tuck her in. She sleep walks and pee in random places. Last time was the waste basket which was, still is and always have been, right next to the toilet. Good thing it’s a

Tut: Tour of SplitCoast Stampers Pt. 1

I created this to help a new user at SCS. I’ll be creating a Photoshop tutorial too this week. Stay tune! Oh, in the user control panel there is a profile picture and an avatar. I think most of you know what an avatar is but if you don’t, it’s the little image that shows up under your username (if you added one of course) each time you post in the gallery or the forum. The profile image can be larger and you can only view this if you go to your profile page. Again, I created this using the

Tut: How to Add Keywords to a Gallery Upload

[youtube]t7FvWjIEPHo[/youtube] My friend asked me how to add the keyword to a card she created for a challenge and that’s how this tutorial came about. I hope others will find this useful also. Note: This tutorial applies to all galleries that has a keyword options. After submitting to all sorts of gallery, it seems like most use the same photo application and if not, the idea is the same. Some have the keyword before the upload, some after, you just have to get use to each system’s settings. Haven’t done any scrapbooking or card making in the last few days.