One Year Later…

A year ago one little girl was terrified of the swimming pool (or putting her head under the shower). Ankle deep was all she could do. Any deeper and she’d be screaming. One would think she was being attacked by a snake!! Mom was so worried about her phobia that an appointment with a specialist was almost made! One year ago, this same little girl didn’t know what she liked. She tried different activities but quit soon after. She was hoping to get back into gymnastics (she was in it for 6 months before we moved to the UK) but

Happy Birthday M + Goodbye

It’s M’s bday today! She had a little party at school and looking forward to all her surprises at home. She CAN’T wait! My baby’s five! Wow, time sure flies. I remember seeing her for the first time almost five years ago (she was born after 8 p.m. and came right on her due date). It was around this time that my water broke. The memories {::SMILES}. I’ll share more tomorrow on her special day. With pics and stuff. The goodbye… my time is up at SoSketchy. This is my last LO as a DT (used a lot of Scarlet