Hubs Delusional

The other night, over dinner, hubby and I were commenting on how slow Jovie’s hair is growing. The conversation went more less like this: Me: Jovie’s back hair is growing but the front is still so short. Hubby: They’ll grow. Me: She’s still cute, but a bit more hair on the forehead would be good. Hubby: Well, just be patient, good things come to those who waits. Me: Hmmm, guess so. Hubby: Like my hair for example. They’re just not here yet, still waiting for them to grow. Me: {I stared, mouth opened… five seconds later…} HA HA HA HA

Our Precious

That’s what I was going to title the page above but I just couldn’t because I kept thinking of Gollum. I can hear it right now: “My preciouuuuussss.” I think my kid’s a lot cuter than him though {::SMILES}. I love the picture of Jovie. I just took the photograph a few days ago and love it because I can see her daddy all over that little face. A few days ago Jovie turned 17-mo and she’s now walking, signing and somewhat saying words. One thing for sure: She is ADORABLE!! Emma grew up quick and at Jovie’s age she was

Stamp Winner + Photo Tip

It was so much easier to take a photograph of Jovie a few months ago. She was less jumpy, wiggly, and rambunctious. But now and then, after 10-20 shots, I’d get one good one. Thank goodness for digital, right? My tip for today isn’t how to make your moving child stay still (duct tape might help) but it’s about staying on their level. When I take my kids’ photos I like to get down on their level. If you want to make them look small or helpless then getting a shot from the top is great but for fun kiddie


The girls are very lucky to have this dude as a dad. He not only loves and cares about these two girls but he’s also fun, funny, sweet, and approachable. He’s the kind of dad who looks forward to Jovie napping on him for hours or putting aside his own fun so that he can help M learn to ride her bike. Hugs and kisses from the girls are what makes him happy and even though he hates doo, he’ll go change Jovie’s poopie diapers. When the girls grow up they’ll also realize that daddy’s a great person to talk

Two-Steppin’, Funnies, and Budgeting

Hi y’all, I two stepped. Oh yeah, me, Savitri, two-stepped. How? Cause hubby let me lead. I’m not good with music. I have to read sheet notes to be able to play any songs on the keyboard where my sister can just memorize and/or listen. But I can listen to rhythms and  beats and that’s what I did. I wasn’t awesome but I two stepped! Oh, I did the Electric Slide (it was rough starting but then it was like riding a bicycle… it just came back) and who knew what else. There were all sorts of Electric Slide-ish types

Did You See?

The new 2Sketches4You DT? WOW! Special congrats to Clouds. You’re awesome and can’t wait to see all your work this summer!!!! Uber uber talented girls have been selected at 2S4Y and I can’t wait to see what each of them come up with each week and of course play along as often as I can. I was hoping to get into the summer team. I submitted two cards with a different name, blog address, gallery, etc. but I didn’t make it. Darn! Ha ha… ok, just kidding but I did think about it since I had so much fun there