Sept 11th

Today I have a card using the new Waltzingmouse sketch. It’s a simple one and this is my interpretation of it. As for the title… even though my spiritual believes don’t put a lot of weight on the body and what happens to it after the soul has left it I respect what an individual has done in his/her lifetime. Granted that we weren’t in NY it was still something we thought about when we were visiting the largest European American cemetery: Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery on Sept. 11th. Here are some pictures from that day. Since hubby was at school

Busy Busy…

Just a few days before the trip and I have a list of last minute stuff. Since it’s just the girls and I there’s nobody else to rely on but me, myself, and I in terms of what to bring… or what makes it to the car. I have to remember to bring the important stuff and not be like our California trip where I left my camera on the kitchen counter. AURGH!!! That was the worst photographic trip ever!! Also, even though a drive to hubby’s family in Mississippi is a lot longer than our we’ll be passing through