Would You Still Love Me If…

You were my husband and I did the below for you? I mentioned before that now and then I’d do something crazy just to get on my hubby’s nerves and often times he’d wonder: “What the hell was I thinking asking this girl to marry me?” When we met he was drunk and during those (special) moments he’d tell me that he’s been drunk ever since because he’s still crazy enough to be with me. Here’s a sample of me torturing the husband. I thought that without an audio sample the post wouldn’t be perfect… although I might regret this

What a Week + End

Just a lot going on this week and this weekend!! I am hoping though that from now on things will kind of settle a bit… with some activities here and there related to our move. There have been a couple of happy emails too last week (no I’m not getting published this year… I haven’t even submitted) and one I’m looking forward to hear more (job related in the UK – currently just a lead but I’m hoping it’ll be a good one). Yesterday the family went out and on our way home we stumbled upon a new Scrapbook store

When You Can’t Color

Find a pretty paper and stamp the image on it. I think the butterfly looks way better than if I were to hand color it myself {::SMILE}. Been MIA the last few days. Just A LOT going on. After this weekend it’ll be calmer — maybe — I hope — we’ll see… This is why I love butterfly stamps (Hero Arts cling stamp). The 3D flying effect/look. I put some shimmers (Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist). You probably can’t see it. For the butterfly I used the last bit of Quirky Twerp’s Gardenologie paper. The other day I got a shipment

Card, in a Ditch, and Cincinnati Chili

Anybody from Cincinnati? We LOVE Cincinnati chili and found a recipe that taste just like Skyline’s — or better. I didn’t change anything and it was just delicious!!! My favorite is the 4-way, with onions. YUMMY!! I am hungry already! A bad thing since it’s almost midnight here right now. If you’ve never had this type of chili it’s not the typical. It’s a bit more runny and with more flavors. There are spices like cloves, cocoa, cumin, etc. Before I made this recipe (before Christmas) we always used the packets but now that we found this great and easy

Sewing + Paper Bag + Marshmallows

I picked up this book at the library today (the crafts and sewing books are just around the corner from my office — the perk of being housed in the library): 30 Elegant and Easy Projects by Jocelyn Worall and it in there was this wrapping paper made out of an old paper grocery bag that was randomly sewn. Very pretty and I thought I’d give it a try. If I were a bit more motivated I’d have all sorts of color thread but since I’m a lazy paper crafter red would do. Whatcha think? I didn’t do anything fancy

Tut: Spiral Paper Flower

Jovie’s laying on my lap sleeping and here’s me bloggin’. I can use a nap but I think I’m ok. I did get a card put together and I even did something extra… followed a tutorial on how to make this pretty paper flower (very fun blog! You should give it a few minutes of your time!!). It took a bit to get it right but once I got the hang of it it’s easy. If you want to try this flower out, follow the instructions and once you get to the end, let go of the flower and let