Is This THE Night?

For Jovie to sleep through the night? She cried twice but very short and she put herself back to sleep. Crossing fingers!!! M was, and still not, one who can put herself back to sleep. Now and then she’d calm herself down but most of the time I’d have to come in and tuck her back in. Or chase her around the house first and then tuck her in. She sleep walks and pee in random places. Last time was the waste basket which was, still is and always have been, right next to the toilet. Good thing it’s a

Being Green

It is so much easier to be “green” living in the UK. We don’t have to drive 40 miles to recycle our glass or go to different places, the base and in town, for other types of recycling. In the US it was only when we went to Whole Foods that I felt like the most not green person when we didn’t bring our grocery bag. But here 90% of the people bring their own bags and I think most of the time it was those shopping after work who came without. The trash service is also very recycle friendly.

Something Fun

I haven’t just sat down and played with my stamps in months! Life’s just been busy busy busy. Technically I am suppose to still be busy with moving but I’m tired and plus, I have these big wardrobes and a desk that needs moving before I can unpack anymore boxes and organize some more. The base for some reason couldn’t pick-up the loaner wardrobes. It was either a misunderstanding or we have to somehow get these big foldable pieces into our Honda. Also the house came semi-furnished. There’s even a piano in one of the downstairs room… my future office.