Charity FAIL

We sell stuff we don’t use anymore. Only big stuff though. Our first and last yard sale was before moving to the UK. Little things like used clothes, toys, books, etc. we donate. In the UK you can either take your donations to the different charity shops (many many different versions of the Salvation Army type stores here; every charity has a shop I think) or, these charities will come around, door-to-door, and drop off a little bag with days of when they’ll be coming by to collect and we all just stuff our donations in those bags. Ninety percent

Some Favorite Things

First most recent favorite thing: Potato and leek soup. I found it on AllRecipes and of course I had to tweak it just a bit: 2 good size garlic cloves chopped 2 shallots sliced 1 tsp white pepper I also didn’t have any American bacon (pork belly and more fatty) so I used 250g (about half a pound) British bacon (from the back cut of pork which is less fatty) and I added a tbs of butter. But if you use American bacon I’d not use the extra butter. In terms of cooking. I let the potato boil with the

Want Consignment Store!

One of my friend told me that I could afford new clothes. Why go to a consignment store she asked. It’s really not about whether I can afford it or not but it’s all about reusing and recycling. Plus, if you go to a nice store a lot of the stuff in there are not only brand names but also almost new (or new, with price tags and all)! I miiiiiiiissss going to one! When I did go I’d spend $50-$100 and leave with what it could have been a few hundred dollars of almost new brand name clothes. LOVED

The Hubby and I

We have chickens running around our garden (or yard). This conversation happened a few evenings ago. The sun was just setting and the chickens were all in bed. Hubby: I wonder how long chickens sleep Me: I don’t know, why don’t you go out and sleep with them so that you can find out Hubby: {glare} I hate you Me: Ha ha ha…. Hey, that was a legitimate answer don’t you think? Sometimes I feel sorry for the guy. He met me at a dance club — I was on the dance floor. Before last week I thought I was


I was about M’s age when my family moved from Indonesia to the U.S. By the time hubby’s UK tour ends in 2014 M would have been my age when my family went back to Indonesia. I was young and I should have adapted but I never really felt like I was back “home” after our return. I’ve always wanted to go back to the U.S. and when the opportunity arise, I jumped on it. Then I got restless again. It’s not that I didn’t feel at home but it was more of me wanting to experience more. Somehow my

The Bad Blogger

I’ve been a bad… actually terrible blogger lately. The last few months crafting and blogging (mostly the blog visiting, commenting and replying to comments/emails) has been one of my many “was gonna” items. Clouds mentioned in her comment that it all comes down to priorities. True! But I think on my part it also comes down to motivation. It’s kind of surprising. I really did think that staying at home will give me tons of time to be on the computer, to do what a wonderful blogger would do, but no. Jovie is always wanting attention (and I love giving