Chicken Pox, Not!

Hi again! I was wanting to post something yesterday but M’s school called because they were worried the little red marks, which hubby and I thought were bug bites, were chicken pox. After consulting with the pediatrician we all concluded that they’re not. BUT, even so, M got to stay home for two days (to monitor and confirm). They were two glorious days for her because apart from a few itches here and there she’s healthy. Jovie had two extra glorious days too because that little sister LOVES to play with big sister. Me… well, I can’t complain because I

123 Go!

Who would have thought I’d be with a military guy. That occupation was just not on my future husband check list. Back then the idea of being with somebody who moves you around while he’s gone every so often didn’t sound so appealing. But, life is funny that way and so here I am. To the guy who made me toss my check list while still making me laugh each and every day, happy Veteran’s day! Today I have a little page to share, it’s M teaching Jovie how to walk — no matter where we’re at. The above photo

Our Precious

That’s what I was going to title the page above but I just couldn’t because I kept thinking of Gollum. I can hear it right now: “My preciouuuuussss.” I think my kid’s a lot cuter than him though {::SMILES}. I love the picture of Jovie. I just took the photograph a few days ago and love it because I can see her daddy all over that little face. A few days ago Jovie turned 17-mo and she’s now walking, signing and somewhat saying words. One thing for sure: She is ADORABLE!! Emma grew up quick and at Jovie’s age she was

5 Random Things

At the Jessica Sprague forum, one of the creative team member posted on the CT forum a “5 random things about you” post and it’s been a lot of fun reading while getting to know each other better. So, I thought I’d borrow the idea and do that here and it’d be great if you all can play along. If you want to borrow this idea for your blog, feel free! So here’s mine: I love to eat tomatoes and avocados with sugar. You all who uses salt are missing out {::SMILES}. I used to know the names of the

Me, A Boy

I’m not blessed in the female upper body department. It was tough growing up cause most if not all of my girl friends had some sort of shape but not Savitri. Nursing was great because for a little bit I had some curves. When I went back to work after maternity leave I think one of the first things I said to my colleague was: “Check this out” while posing. I know, very professional, huh? Ha ha ha…. But it was one of the many reasons why I loved working there, I had an awesome group of female colleagues whom

I Hate the Dogs

Especially when they poop on the carpet/rug. In Missouri it was my sea grass rug that they always go on when they got to go (it’s not often but it does happen). The house was all hardwood. Hubby HATED that thing but I insisted on moving it here and it’s now back under the dining table. So far hubby hasn’t said anything about it and the dogs haven’t poo/pee on it either. Today I found doo but not on my rug. It was right next to the front door’s rug. I glared at them and none admitted.Both ran away though.