Tut: How to Print Wallet Size Photos

I’ve had a lot of people ask me personally or via a forum how I print my wallet size photos or how to print a wallet size photos without paying the wallet size price and the extras. How do I do it? Like the below video! [youtube]VCjAx2lF1Ss[/youtube] I did the editing in Photoshop but this is a very basic concept and so any photo editing software should be able to resize and drop a few photos into a 4×6 work area. Don’t have a photo editing software? Try Gimp. It’s free! Hope this helps! Ok… I got into my craft

Tut: Color Selection, Action, B&W, and Sepia

[youtube]Sb5KDL2ctsc[/youtube] Since I wasn’t too happy with the way the video looks, I am adding the Flash version. You need to have Adobe Flash Player, which is free, installed on your computer. Most computers have this already built in. Actually, you’ll probably like this Flash version better than the YouTube/Revver ones. You can resize it and it’ll pretty much keep its clearness. Let me know what you think. I just never did it this way because you have to wait until it downloads fully before you can play it. I might just posting two versions like this until my service

Tut: Action 101 and Inking

Two in one tutorial. Since I fail to create one last week, I tried but it just didn’t come out right, here’s a combo video. Before you create an action, decide what you want to record first and then practice. Write down the exact settings (unlike me who just likes to wing it) and then record your steps/technique. You might find yourself buying less and less actions {::SMILES}. A little story… yesterday I received a call from the Nielsen ratings folks. I was feeling in the mood for a survey so I went through the process. The first question was:

Tut: Create a Pattern Paper, Part I

I say part I because this is the easiest pattern you can do — stripes. For the second time I’m using ColourLovers for this tutorial. There are so many cool things that you can do on that site. I’ll show you more later if you haven’t figure them out yourselves yet. Those who has PSE will also be able to go through this tutorial. You have the pattern and fill option. TFW — thanks for watching! EDIT: If this is your first visit, don’t forget to check out creating pattern using the pattern sample from ColourLovers. Oh, also, don’t think

Tut: Using Patterns From ColourLovers.com and Freebies

Before I forget… have you visited Shabby Princess lately? They have a new freebie kit. Check it out, very nice!! Also, Weeds and Wildflowers are having their 1st year anniversary celebration. On their blog they have a mini kit freebie (very nice looking) and it’s only going to be up for 24 hrs. There will be a new giveaway until Sunday, so bookmark them, add them to your rss or subscribe via email. Whatever… but W&W is one of my favorite stores. I’d love to be Gina’s CT/guest {::SMILES}. Last week I posted some Kuler info and also a one