Stamp Winner + Photo Tip

It was so much easier to take a photograph of Jovie a few months ago. She was less jumpy, wiggly, and rambunctious. But now and then, after 10-20 shots, I’d get one good one. Thank goodness for digital, right? My tip for today isn’t how to make your moving child stay still (duct tape might help) but it’s about staying on their level. When I take my kids’ photos I like to get down on their level. If you want to make them look small or helpless then getting a shot from the top is great but for fun kiddie

Photographing My Cards

There is sun in the UK, folks!! I just had to say this since I’ve heard people say that it’s just dreary here with no sun at times. I mean it’s no sunny Missouri (when it’s not raining) or Southern France even but there is sun light in the daytime. Maybe it’s new to me or maybe I’m just a shady kind of gal but I like it. It’s good for my skin tone… tell you more later… When the girls and I saw the house for the first time the one thing that really got me excited was this

Love + Rule of Thirds

I know it’s past Valentine’s day but love’s everyday, right? Yesterday I did something dumb. I emailed Emma’s teacher and told her that M would be out that day due to strep. Monday afternoon M asked what lunch would be Tuesday (I told her she’s going back to school that day) and I saw the “NO SCHOOL” right under Monday. Wow, I wonder what her teacher thought of that email he he… What kind of stupid things have you done? So yesterday while Jovie was napping I got this page put together. I finally opened the Crate Paper paper kit

My Softbox

I really didn’t want to make a card last night but I wanted to try out the softbox (photography lighting gadget) that I got for Christmas on a card. The kit is nice. But putting the softbox together was total pain in my {flabby} ass. On the four sides of the softbox are these rods. They’re straight as can be but if you try hard enough they will bend so that they can fit into the sides of this thing called a speed ring. Well, after much work I got all of the rods into the holes of the ring.

Photography Tip: The Eyes

I think being in education makes me want to share whatever I find useful and this is one of them: When you do portrait types of photography focus on the eyes. This way you can capture crazy crossed-eyes pictures of your kid really really well. HA! I wasn’t a fabulous photography student last semester but there’s one thing that my instructor said I was already good at: Aiming at the eyes when doing portrait type of photography. The eyes are the windows to the soul so in portrait photography it’s really important that the eyes are crispy clear — unless

Merry Christmas!!

I hope it was a great one for you! It was for us, from the time we got up until now… full tummy stuffed with yummy ham and other goodies. Since we had M we always made it a habit to be home for Christmas. This way M, and now Jovie, can always experience Christmas mornings at home. It’s so nice to just play and hang out in our PJs… even during Christmas dinner {::SMILES}. I’ll make it short for today! Have a great one!!! PS: The other day I posted a photography tip on capturing the details instead of