For great husbands!! I’ve been coughing this whole week and Wednesday evening, after returning from a days out at the zoo, I got really sick. I don’t get sick often but I do I am not at all useful. If it wasn’t for the husband I wouldn’t know what to do in terms of feeding and cleaning the kids. M’s been a great help but she’s only seven and a very short one too and it’s still limited on what she can do. So the week I’ve been on and off sick hubby got me meals in bed, took M

Wardrobe Change

I can’t remember if shared this or not but one day I told my colleague that I was one of those college kids who rolled out of bed, brushed teeth, put hair up and went to class in PJs. I told her that I slept in flannel bottoms and T-shirt top. I was adorable!! I can’t remember what she said exactly or what she did but she wasn’t impressed and eye rollings most likely took place. Fast forward… I have nice clothes, many are dry clean only ones too, from well known companies. But, unless there was a meeting, I

Father’s Day Weekend

I’ve been a terrible present buyer for the husband. It’s not that it was intentional but somehow, each time I buy hubby a present it’s always something where if he doesn’t like it, I’d happily keep/use it. It’s been kind of bad that hubby said for my birthday he’s going to get me some size 10.5 men’s shoes. BOO!! For father’s day I should probably just pick some random book about WW2. The only use I have for them would be as a door stopper. Hey, I like that idea! I really didn’t think about that until I wrote about

Interview With M

On our way back from Norfolk I asked M a few questions about our little getaway. It went more less like this: Me: M, did you have a great time? Jovie: Nope. Me: M, did you like all the places we went to? Jovie: Nope. Me: M, you enjoy our little outing? Jovie: Nope. Me: M, can you duct tape Jovie so that you can answer my questions? Jovie: Nope. M: (Lotsa giggles) Me: Jovie, you want duct tape? Jovie: Yup. That kid’s annoying! No wonder babies and toddlers were made to be cute! Today’s layout is brought to you

A Year Later

Time sure flies when one’s having fun!! I can’t believe it’s been a year since we arrived here in England. We have less then three more years now… unless hubby renews his contract… This also means that I’ve been a stay-at-home-mom for a year and although working part-time is a sweet little treat it’s nothing like going to work. I miss the girls I used to work with… all the chit-chats we used to have… and just the variety of things I did. I do though LOVE all the places we’ve all been to and I see many many more