Gift Card

I did this for SCS’s Try a New Technique challenge. This week is a gift card holder. I LOVE it! Because I loved it so much, I made two! The first one, the red dots background (I did myself by the way {::SMILE}) is actually M’s. Well, she claimed it. I felt bad, I always make cards for others but hardly for her and so I said sure as long as she takes good care of it. She said she will. So she has it now. The stamp is one of the new Bella stamps that I got earlier this

I’m Back

We got home yesterday, right at 5 p.m. My last session, on Joomla CMS and WordPress/Mu, went really well and a lot of people seemed to have gotten a lot of info from myself and also others attending. That’s what I love about conferences, other people to physically share information with (instead of my Twitter and Ning virtual buddies). I also had Internet access — wish I had this the other day too. Oh well… The first thing I wanted to do when I got home was go into my arts and crafts room. I’ve been itching to make something

Once Upon a Time

This is the other page that I did for the Scrap Artist challenge. I thought I was suppose to do two pages from whatever kit and not one from my own kit and one from the freebie kit. Last night at midnight was the cut-off date and time. I’m just waiting to see what the results are. You can see the submissions in their gallery. Quite a bit, huh? Not hoping much, but we’ll see. Like I said, I had fun, got some LOs done, AND got a free kit. What else can I ask, right? The Internet is a