Thinking of You

I’ve been kind of lazy lately. I haven’t been really motivated to make anything crafty. Most of it I think is due to lack of sleep. Jovie’s been on some funky sleep pattern and I’m not sure if it’s cause she’s going through another growth spurt (the kid needs one) or cause of the two teeth that are coming out. Whatever it is she better hurry it up cause momma can only hold on for so long. I’ve also been a lazy blog hopper. I’ve been glancing at my Google Reader but I’ve only clicked a few post and commented


I can’t think of a good title for today’s post. I can’t think of a good story either. We all just had a lazy day today. Both girls are sick and so we all just laid around even though I did get some downstairs cleaning done and a bit of laundry. Nothing exciting really. Here’s a bit of a blurb for my card… you can read it in the most boring and monotonous way… it’s how I feel right now… I made this card last night. I got some new Stampin’ Up! stamps in the mail and I had to

Guess What?

I will be joining the oh so fabulous Maile Belles and very energetic and fun Elise Durenberger at Wplus9 as one of their design team!! I am so excited! Do you know Dawn Woleslagle? She’s the person behind Wplus9 and she’s an amazing graphic artist. What is Wplus9? It’s a new photo-polymer stamp company and if you want to get an idea what Dawn’s stamps might be like, well, take a look at this and while you’re there go and see her card creations. Gorgeous crispy clean designs!! I got a sneaky peaky of her stamps, just to make sure

Flabby Butt and Signing

My M said this evening: M: Mommy, when are you going to start working out again? Me: Why? M: You have a flabby butt. Me: (deep inside: AAAAAAURGGHHHHHH!!!!)Thanks, M. So I was doing the P90x but that was short lived. I blame it on M. She puked all over my workout rug. Don’t ask me what happened. I think all the rolling around and crazy moves that I did made her sick. After she threw up she went to bed and was all better the next morning. I ended up watching the video while cleaning up M’s mess. I had

Would You Still Love Me If…

You were my husband and I did the below for you? I mentioned before that now and then I’d do something crazy just to get on my hubby’s nerves and often times he’d wonder: “What the hell was I thinking asking this girl to marry me?” When we met he was drunk and during those (special) moments he’d tell me that he’s been drunk ever since because he’s still crazy enough to be with me. Here’s a sample of me torturing the husband. I thought that without an audio sample the post wouldn’t be perfect… although I might regret this

What a Week + End

Just a lot going on this week and this weekend!! I am hoping though that from now on things will kind of settle a bit… with some activities here and there related to our move. There have been a couple of happy emails too last week (no I’m not getting published this year… I haven’t even submitted) and one I’m looking forward to hear more (job related in the UK – currently just a lead but I’m hoping it’ll be a good one). Yesterday the family went out and on our way home we stumbled upon a new Scrapbook store