February Digital Pages

My playing with Jovie, working with M’s lessons and homework, teaching and planning all sorts of travels have really taken a lot of craft time from me. After this trip though we’ll most likely be taking it a bit slower. I want to do a bigger holiday next year and in order to do that we need to just do little exploring around this area and save. I’m not sure where yet though. I’ve got eyes on Italy and Greece while hubby thinks up north will be nice (Norway, Sweden, etc.). Anyhow, related to my craft is this blog of

Just Random

Last weekend hubby said that if people clean like I do they’ll never get anything done. After I thought about it I guess he’s right. It’s day three and the house isn’t any better than it was Sunday when I started. I kept stopping – stopping just cause – and taking craft breaks. The other night hubby was here in my craft room watching Netflix and he looked at my box of cards and said: “You are obsessed with making cards. After you’re done you just toss them in that box.” You know all the cards that I’ve made the

Today’s the Day

For you to get yourself a WPlus9 Ever After stamp set and for me to get a Chip and PIN (EMV) bank card!!! Yes, I am going to be like the Western Europeans and a lot of other countries (some Asians too I think… not sure about African countries and E. Europe) and no swipe and sign when using my debit/credit card. Half the time it’s been a stinkin’ hassle keeping our American bank card. How does one use this chip card? You use a chip card like you’d use your credit/debit card at an ATM station, the machines that

Driving to Germany

I am getting ready to get the hubby in Germany. Ok, it’s still a few weeks but I am a planner. If I can get everything my way I’d plan every single details of my life. BUT, it’s probably a good thing life isn’t like that because I’d be totally boring person and I’d be busy just researching what my next meal will be. I still like to plan but I can wing it if I must or just feel sporadic. The girls and I are planning on driving through the M25 (the Interstate in the US) — or the

Seriously the Sweetest Thing

Life is short, life is an adventure, life can be selfish and/or giving, life can be hard and it can really suck to not know what the future will hold or if things don’t go our way, but life is full of sweetness if you take a moment to feel, hear, and look. I had a very sweet moment today, a few actually, but this was the most profound. A moment I want to always remember forever… Journaling: “I have to share this story with you girls… today you were very sad little M. Tomorrow will be your teacher’s last

What’s Your Type?

Mine is Underwood {::SMILES}. I am sooooo behind! I was suppose to post this last week but goodness, it just slipped my mind. BUT, you still have time for this challenge and the prize is oh so yummy too from Jen Geigley! Jen is uber talented. She’s a DT at the Red Velvet Kit Club and just love her style. I’ve been eyeing some RV kit too but not yet, not yet. One at a time I say. So come on, deadline is Sept. 20th at noon EST (11 CT, 10 MST)!! You don’t have to create a scrapbook page.