Holey Me

M: Mommy, you need new socks. Me: Why? M: Look at your feet. Me: (Looking down) Me: Oh, yeah… they’re ok, Emma. M: But mommy, they’re holey. Me: So? M: It’s embarrassing! Me: And who’s going to see? If I wear shoes, nobody’s going to know. M: Me and Jovie’s going too see!! I think my kid needs to just take a chill pill don’t you think? These are my favorite socks! Not only do I love the colors, they are so nice, warm and comfy. The picture above was taken just a few minutes ago and while I am

Stamp Winner + Photo Tip

It was so much easier to take a photograph of Jovie a few months ago. She was less jumpy, wiggly, and rambunctious. But now and then, after 10-20 shots, I’d get one good one. Thank goodness for digital, right? My tip for today isn’t how to make your moving child stay still (duct tape might help) but it’s about staying on their level. When I take my kids’ photos I like to get down on their level. If you want to make them look small or helpless then getting a shot from the top is great but for fun kiddie

Sweet Oreos

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Kind of weird, even though I don’t work now I still look forward to Fridays. I think it’s because I know we’ll all be home the next day and also that it’s just another day until market day!! Granted there’s market day everyday around us the big more fun ones are always on Saturdays. I can’t wait until next week either. There are a lot of things to share, new projects using Clear and Simple Stamps and WPlus9 (AWESOME sets you’ll want to have!!) and some personal news – no we’re not having another one!! Page details: I

A Blog Friend Visit

Hiya! Wow, it’s been AGES since I posted it seems! But a lot has been going on the last 10 days and it’s FINALLY winding down. This afternoon I also found the opportunity to stamp and guess who I’ve been stamping with? Clouds Shadler!! The poor girl, I had to put her in the basement, on a bed with no frame, and sitting on whatever we could find cause ya know, most of our stuff’s in a crate somewhere. It’s been so fun visiting with her and to be able to stamp with a blog friend! I really need to

Another St. Jude’s Card

I made one more to send to Winter for her St. Jude’s card drive. Kind of neutral, no? The ribbon and bling probably would turn a little boy off he he he… Ok, so I made a PTI order the other night. I got background stamps so that I can do my card goal of creating my own background paper pattern for my cards this year. Now, I do subscribe to all sorts of magazine’s RSS feeds, blogs, etc. but lately I haven’t been checking them and when I do I get a bit overwhelmed. Just too many out there.

Is It Friday? OH YESSSS!!!!

I colored last night! I color like a grade-school girl. That’s why I don’t do much. But, I figured houses… how bad could it be, right? What are you doing this weekend? Me… I am going line dancing/two steppin’ Saturday night. Yeah, you heard me — hee haw!! I don’t know how to country dance. Hubby tried to teach me but I always end up leading and stepping on his feet. He always end up frustrated with me. He always tell me to quit wanting to lead. I’d always be laughing my ass off. It’s kind of funny that we