Hubs Delusional

The other night, over dinner, hubby and I were commenting on how slow Jovie’s hair is growing. The conversation went more less like this: Me: Jovie’s back hair is growing but the front is still so short. Hubby: They’ll grow. Me: She’s still cute, but a bit more hair on the forehead would be good. Hubby: Well, just be patient, good things come to those who waits. Me: Hmmm, guess so. Hubby: Like my hair for example. They’re just not here yet, still waiting for them to grow. Me: {I stared, mouth opened… five seconds later…} HA HA HA HA

Two Matching Presents

We’ll be out and about taking M to two birthday parties. One is for a boy in her class — he’s getting Legos — and another one for two sweet little girls who are a year above M. At first I thought of getting something on base for them, something “American” (like Tootsie Rolls — kidding — although our British friend said it’s not for sale in the UK), but then I figured something homemade would be more appropriate since one of the little girl is the daughter of the lady who did M’s face painting last weekend and also

The Bad Blogger

I’ve been a bad… actually terrible blogger lately. The last few months crafting and blogging (mostly the blog visiting, commenting and replying to comments/emails) has been one of my many “was gonna” items. Clouds mentioned in her comment that it all comes down to priorities. True! But I think on my part it also comes down to motivation. It’s kind of surprising. I really did think that staying at home will give me tons of time to be on the computer, to do what a wonderful blogger would do, but no. Jovie is always wanting attention (and I love giving

Being Green

It is so much easier to be “green” living in the UK. We don’t have to drive 40 miles to recycle our glass or go to different places, the base and in town, for other types of recycling. In the US it was only when we went to Whole Foods that I felt like the most not green person when we didn’t bring our grocery bag. But here 90% of the people bring their own bags and I think most of the time it was those shopping after work who came without. The trash service is also very recycle friendly.

What A Day…

Hi! I hope you all had a great day! I know I did!! Before I start, to those who sent me some good birthday wishes through the different social media that I’m on, thank you! I really appreciate it and I’m glad you all are in my life! Today I spent with friends and of course my little family. We didn’t do anything extra ordinary but I had a lovely time celebrating my birth. It took me a few days to accept the fact that I’m older (it’s the same every time since I first turned 25 I think) but