Happy Birthday M!

Seven years ago today this little girl came into our lives. She made our grey hair arrive earlier than scheduled, she gave us a messier house, she made us further away from a fat bank account but she’s given us the best laugh, love and happiness. I can’t believe she’s seven!! I can’t believe I’ve been a mom for that long! She’s the sweetest kid ever and we’re so lucky to have her!! Happy birthday baby girl and we’re going to have the best party ever tomorrow! She was almost four when I started sharing her pages with the world.


Happy Saturday, all! Today I just want to save a little memory of Jovie’s development… The last few days Jovie has become more of a toddler. Everything she likes/touches is “mine” or “my”. Have you read/heard of the toddler creed? Here it is… Original writer was Dr. Burton L. Wright: The Toddler’s Creed If I want it, IT’S MINE! If I give it to you and change my mind later, IT’S MINE! If I can take it away from you, IT’S MINE! If it’s mine it will never belong to anybody else, No matter what. If we are building something

Birthday Planning

So, got any game ideas for a 7-yr-old boy/girl party that’s low on supplies? We booked the room and it’s a nice size I think, not too big and not to small, and will have a little area for activities. We have a couple games and crafty things but that’s about it. I want a few more on hand in case the kids go through the activities fast. That’s why I want games that doesn’t require a lot of buying/hauling in case we don’t get to it. Todays card is pretty unique I think. It’s based on Waltzingmouse’s sketch, #29.


Have you ever heard or read this by Diana Loomans: If I had my child to raise over again? I got to reading it while waiting for M and Jovie’s doc’s appointment the other day and I thought that it was a sweet little reminder for us busy adults to be a part of our kids’ lives and to let them be kids. I thought the light reading was a great reminder for me because I don’t want the girls to have my childhood, a serious and rigid one. The hubby and I don’t want to also have the “what

It’s Saturday!!

I didn’t think I’d get excited about the weekend after being a work-at-home-mom but I do cause on weekends I can sleep in! Even though Jovie cries a few times at night she’s a late waker upper, just like her sis, so we all can sleep until 10 a.m. here and there although on average Jovie wakes up at 9 a.m. Lately though, even if she wakes up at 8 a.m. I can just give her milk and some books and she’ll happily drink and “read” for an hour or so… sometimes she’ll even go back to bed! Jovie LOOOOOOOVES

Christmas Shopping

Happy weekend everybody! We’re not sure what to do this weekend besides the usual boring stuff (cleaning, laundry, etc.) although I do have Cambridge in the back of my mind. M said she wants to do some Christmas shopping for us parents. As for me, I think I’m pretty much done, just need to wait for a few things to arrive from the US of A. My UK purchases should be here this next week (shipping in the UK is awesome, either free or really cheap). Anything else is extra after this. Speaking of shopping, I think military folks stationed