The Piano

“Nothing is fun until you’re good at it” — Amy Chua Every morning Emma would get up a few minutes early and on her own would practice the piano. Sometimes the morning would be fill with pretty tunes while other times it’d be filled with off notes and a frustrated 8-yrs-old. When the later happens I always have to come into the piano room and tell her to eat breakfast first and then revisit the piece again after she calms down. Nine out of ten that usually works and she’d come out of the room with a huge smile and

Photographer’s WORST Annoyance

When something or SOMEBODY walks behind (or in front) of the (adorable) subject we want to photograph. I mean really? Did this person NOT see a lady with her big camera aiming at Jovie?!?! Despite the disturbing photo above, I did get a few good ones of the girls. I’ll share those later. For now, I want to share this card that I made using Waltzingmouse’s sketch for this week. I’ll be back later with some pictures of us here in England. Even though it’s still raining almost everyday, we’ve been going out still and doing as much as we

It’s VERY England Right Now

Before moving to the UK (two years ago) I bought a pair of wellies, or rain boots, thinking I’d be using them almost everyday (since there’s always a rain scene in Jane Austen and Agatha Christie would sometimes dedicate a whole page on weather talk). While I did use them, they weren’t as often. For the last two years England has been semi dry. Over a month ago, despite the lack of wear, I bought a new pair of wellies. I had a really good excuse, the other wellies didn’t give me enough ankle support and the rubber pinched my

We Saw the Queen

I am not one who gets excited easily about a celebrity. Even though I think Johnny Depp is pretty cool (and he’s only a couple hours away), I wouldn’t be screaming and jumping up and down if we ever bump into each other. I don’t wait around for famous people to pass by either. Sleep is too precious for me and if it’s cold outside, forget it! But while in York (April 5th), Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II was there too and by accident we saw her pass by (with nobody else blocking my camera). I got a couple

Day Out at Kensington Park

It was a bit chilly today but we all left for a little day out in London and to bring grandma, grandpa + auntie back home. The hotel that we met up at was very near Hyde/Kensington Park and so after we met up and had lunch at Tukdin, a Malaysian restaurant (that’s quite delicious, affordable and clean for a central London location), we went for a stroll at the park. The walk was short but it was very sweet. Cold as it was, the park was beautiful! After about an hour or so we decided to head back to


A few weeks ago I got suckered persuaded, to run a 5k in Cambridge. I agreed because it’s for a good cause and that it’s still a few months down the road, which basically means I have plenty of time to practice for it. While one can walk this 5k, I want to do it properly and I had this oh so awesome plan to start running again for this 5K AND also to loose a few pounds… the same few pounds from a few months ago. I asked my friends for some tips on how to get started and