Flowering Jasmine Tea

Guess what we all did yesterday? NOTHING! Hubby and M made our $9.95/mo Netflix subscription totally worth it yesterday I think. Since hubby woke up, him and M have been watching TV. M loved it (even though all they watched were documentaries and Dirty Jobs) because it’s not something I let her do. Also, she doesn’t see her daddy much because of his work schedule so she was soaking it all in. I got a nap in and Jovie… well, it was another busy day for her as usual: She made a lot of mess and I picked up here

123 Go!

Who would have thought I’d be with a military guy. That occupation was just not on my future husband check list. Back then the idea of being with somebody who moves you around while he’s gone every so often didn’t sound so appealing. But, life is funny that way and so here I am. To the guy who made me toss my check list while still making me laugh each and every day, happy Veteran’s day! Today I have a little page to share, it’s M teaching Jovie how to walk — no matter where we’re at. The above photo

The Bad Blogger

I’ve been a bad… actually terrible blogger lately. The last few months crafting and blogging (mostly the blog visiting, commenting and replying to comments/emails) has been one of my many “was gonna” items. Clouds mentioned in her comment that it all comes down to priorities. True! But I think on my part it also comes down to motivation. It’s kind of surprising. I really did think that staying at home will give me tons of time to be on the computer, to do what a wonderful blogger would do, but no. Jovie is always wanting attention (and I love giving

To My Favorite Guy

Happy birthday!!! So very glad that you were born many years ago! So very glad too that I met you 8-yrs ago, drunk and all, at a club. If we met in an online dating site we would most likely never have gotten together. The system would never in a million years match us up (if it did, it would be because of the plus/minus 3% margin of error… or a computer glitch), HA!! You have to admit though, I am a lot more charming in person than in photos or online (he’s thinkin’: Yeah, right, only if no word

Tut: Spiral Paper Flower

Jovie’s laying on my lap sleeping and here’s me bloggin’. I can use a nap but I think I’m ok. I did get a card put together and I even did something extra… followed a tutorial on how to make this pretty paper flower (very fun blog! You should give it a few minutes of your time!!). It took a bit to get it right but once I got the hang of it it’s easy. If you want to try this flower out, follow the instructions and once you get to the end, let go of the flower and let

Freebie: Butterfly Die-Cut Template

Hi! I made a card AND used my Klik-n-Kut. I’ve been wanting to cut out a butterfly for awhile and last weekend at the expo I saw this acrylic butterfly that was part of a scrappy kit. Well, I didn’t want the kit, just not my style, but the lady wouldn’t sell me just the acrylic butterfly. She said there’s probably one somewhere in the expo I can buy individually <– NOT helpful, lady! So last night after all the kids have gone to bed Savitri went to work and I got this: Feel free to download the files (if