Brought to You by the Letter {A}

Today was Jovie’s well baby appointment. While the appointment went well, it wasn’t tear free. Jovie is not a friendly baby and anybody outside of her two parents and M who touches her would get a cry. Anyhow, while we were waiting (and I was filling out dozens of questionnaires) Jovie read and scribbled on a piece of paper. When the doctor came she was still scribbling and in the middle of her “writing” moment she got a capital A. She was so proud of this A that she kept pointing and showing it to us. The doctor was already

Our Precious

That’s what I was going to title the page above but I just couldn’t because I kept thinking of Gollum. I can hear it right now: “My preciouuuuussss.” I think my kid’s a lot cuter than him though {::SMILES}. I love the picture of Jovie. I just took the photograph a few days ago and love it because I can see her daddy all over that little face. A few days ago Jovie turned 17-mo and she’s now walking, signing and somewhat saying words. One thing for sure: She is ADORABLE!! Emma grew up quick and at Jovie’s age she was

Signing Time

When I learn something or if I find something useful I feel the need to share and/or show somebody how to do it. When I am interested in something I research it to death. Hubby said it’s to the point of being overly overwhelming but he lets me be as long as he doesn’t have to hear every single detail or read a 100 page summary. After I was pregnant with M I got a whiff of baby signing. I researched and researched, learn a few signs along the way, and concluded that it’s one of the best thing after

Sweet Oreos

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Kind of weird, even though I don’t work now I still look forward to Fridays. I think it’s because I know we’ll all be home the next day and also that it’s just another day until market day!! Granted there’s market day everyday around us the big more fun ones are always on Saturdays. I can’t wait until next week either. There are a lot of things to share, new projects using Clear and Simple Stamps and WPlus9 (AWESOME sets you’ll want to have!!) and some personal news – no we’re not having another one!! Page details: I

Is Moving Ever Fun?

Moving things around sucks, going through junk sucks, deciding what to keep and not to keep sucks, comforting M sucks (three melt downs so far), imagining a few months with VERY minimal furniture sucks, the thought of leaving my job sucks (I love my job and plus, not working equals to house wife duties aka cleaning). Hmmm… what else? You done listening to me whine? Sucks, sucks, sucks. But, all the negativities does go away when I think about the journey ahead… all the adventure that we’ll be having whether they’re good or bad as a family. That’s why my

Happy Happy Monday

Another week and I’m at home just relaxing with the girls while waiting for Mr. Brown. This lens that I’ve been waiting for months was finally shipped from Adorama (I buy from Adorama, B&H, and Calumet). So excited and I can’t wait to try it out!!! Hopefully I can use it decently and share some photos soon! Last night while hubby and I watched loads of Law and Order (my FAVORITE show) I made a couple cards. M was creating me with but she collapsed on the couch after three cards. I had a few card making stuff with me