I used Pencil Line sketch to help me with this LO. This was March’s sketch. Here’s the story behind the title… When M was a baby, up to two years I think, she was not the most generous kid in terms of smiles. She’s even tougher when it came time to take studio photos. We’d do everything and we’d just get a stare and she she did smile, either the camera person wasn’t ready or she blinked. So these are a few photos that we got from Sears. There’s one good smiling photo and the rest looked like she didn’t

Photo Editing

Ok, leaving for my conference in a little bit. I will not have anything new, project wise, to share until this weekend. I had plans on getting stuff ready and just automatically post for me but I never got to it. I did a few that I posted already and besides that, I’ve just been working late prepping for my presentations. Hubby said I’m going to have to much info but hey, I rather have too much and cut back as needed than the other way around. So for today, I just want to share one little item… I found

Colors and Kuler

It’s spring break. YEAH!!!! What does it mean for me? A little time to play, no grading, no fighting for a parking spot, and also take a couple days off from work. Today, I thought I’d log in to Kuler and see what kind of colors they’ve got today and try to create one for submission. I’ve been on Kuler (my coworker introduced me to this site) for a while but never tried creating and submitting. I thought it’d be difficult but it was sooo easy to create a new color and submit. Fun! To see the color code or

My A Muse and Bellas

I am branching out more. Today I just received my orders from A Muse and Stamping Bella (about time). The Bellas took almost 3 weeks to get here. I chose super pokey cheapest mail from Canada. Oh well — I was trying to save $1, ha! I wasn’t in a hurry but I’m so happy they’re here! From A Muse I got the Nature and the Coffee Break sets. They are clear acrylic stamps. I found out about them from Amy’s blog. Isn’t the Internet amazing this way? From Stamping Bella, I got the pregabella and the cosmobella. They’re so

Awesome Links

I didn’t do anything this weekend that’s crafty. The car show that I mentioned last week was actually this weekend so we went that yesterday. Since it was in KC, we made a day out of the whole event — had Dim Sum for lunch — YUM. I was too pooped after we came home so I just finished cleaning and went to bed. I did though get a lot of cleaning done. I can see my craft table again {::SMILES}. So today, I just want to share a few things… For card folks, have you seen this by Lauren