i am

so happy because … <– do you see it on the right? it’s got my name on it {::HUGE SMILE}. it’s that big news i wanted to share… ok, my pic. is dorky but hey, it’s me, ha! thanks sami and stacy!! you two have been awesome to work with! i have another SUPER HAPPY news to share… Sept. 1… Sept. 1! no, i’m not pregnant! ha!

Tut: Kuler’s New Feature

Since Adobe sent me a T, I feel obligated to share with you the “what’s new” in Kuler. So here it is: [youtube]YnLFVZy5Kb8[/youtube] If you’re interested in the previous Kuler tutorial, check it out here. Hope you’ll find this info useful! I also want to share a card that I did at the crop. Again I used Dana Frantz Hippie Couture digital paper that I printed on white card stock (actually this was the left over from the other card) and used another ribbon that I bought at Wally World. The stamp is H&M’s stamp set: Sea Life. Can’t you

Colors and Kuler

It’s spring break. YEAH!!!! What does it mean for me? A little time to play, no grading, no fighting for a parking spot, and also take a couple days off from work. Today, I thought I’d log in to Kuler and see what kind of colors they’ve got today and try to create one for submission. I’ve been on Kuler (my coworker introduced me to this site) for a while but never tried creating and submitting. I thought it’d be difficult but it was sooo easy to create a new color and submit. Fun! To see the color code or