Self Checkout

First of all, sorry for being such a bad blogger. I haven’t been blog hoppin’ much and my Google Reader is probably uber full. I’ve only posted here and there and that’s pretty much it. I have just been too occupied with my visiting family. So until after this weekend, I’ll be sporadic. I can’t wait to see what’s out there though. I tried doing a card last night and I felt so rusty. Anyhow, this is another page that I did a few weeks back. I got this orange card stock at my lss and even though it was

Signing Gal

Happy Sunday!!! If you’re like me, there’s one more day of staying at home, YES!!! I am taking a grading break. I have more students this semester and I do read each word and every period. I love using Acrobat Pro to delete, highlight, insert, and more on their paper. It’s my high tech red marker {::SMILES}. This was a page I did last weekend. The Making Memories Travel paper is already busy and so to not cover up what’s already there, I only used a little bit of elements and a lot of Type. That little bird… I trimmed

Oh So Big

Ok, this Etsy thing that I mentioned earlier. Anybody sell on that thing? Does it work? Seems like there are A LOT of people selling there. How the heck do people find you? I really do have a lot of cards. I only send out a few. I just love making them. I do get attached to the cards that I make but it is getting a bit ridiculous and it’s only been nine months. I don’t want to temporarily quit making cards. Suggestions? If you’re in the area, I’ll be teaching a card and a mini book class in

My Green Page

And I’m not talking about the stinkin’ color! {::SMILES} This was what we did yesterday, every bit of it. Everybody’s pages looked oh so different (next time I’m taking my camera with me!) but they all did the same thing, we distressed, grunged, made paper flowers and leaves, stamped, stitched, and painted. From what they told me, they had a blast. One lady made her flower from the red fabric (I had plenty), it was awesome. It’s those yo-yo flower. Not the complicated one… similar to the one I did for my mini album. I just used ribbons then. I

Life is a Trip

Wow! What a weekend and I got almost everything I wanted to do done. I even did an 8.5×11 page AND used my new machine (no, not for this page). Whoohoo! Ok, here’s my HUGE, GIGANTIC, purchase/splurge. I got me a Klic-n-Kut last week and last Friday, the big huck a chunk of thing came. WOW! I thought it’d be a little bigger than a Cricut but nooooooo…. this thing is currently sitting on the bed because I have no other place to put it (I went to my scrapbook store and they just got their pro, $1900, Pazzle in