Halloween Prep

Me: M, why don’t you help find Jovie a Halloween costume. M: Ok. M took over the computer and five minutes later: M: Mommy, how about this one? Me: Emmaaaa!! NO! Jovie is NOT going to be a peanut for Halloween!! M: But she’ll be a cute little peanut. Me: No! Jovie, what do you want to be for Halloween? Jovie: Princess. Me: There, go find Jovie a princess outfit! M: Ok, mommy… (pout pout) Kids! We’ve been looking at Halloween costumes today just in case M wants something that is either cheaper (than buying here) or can only be

February Digital Pages

My playing with Jovie, working with M’s lessons and homework, teaching and planning all sorts of travels have really taken a lot of craft time from me. After this trip though we’ll most likely be taking it a bit slower. I want to do a bigger holiday next year and in order to do that we need to just do little exploring around this area and save. I’m not sure where yet though. I’ve got eyes on Italy and Greece while hubby thinks up north will be nice (Norway, Sweden, etc.). Anyhow, related to my craft is this blog of

There’s No Place

Like home for the holidays!! Although I’d love to be in Germany right now visiting some awesome friends of ours or taking the train to Paris or flying to the Alps ┬áto see another high school mate of mine and her partner it is nice to be home with the kidlets and hubs. Logistically it’s good that we are staying in this year because ground and air transport is a bit chaotic right now. Heathrow just functioned somewhat normally Wednesday and the trains have been slow. Whether we visit/not, I do have a thing for staying home on Christmas day.

A Tea Time Story

Hi from the other side of England! I wish I can tell you where but since this post was created before I left just imagine me hanging out in Wales or strolling along some cold beach with the family… I have a page to share with you today. It’s a digital layout with a few different goodies, mostly by Kitschy Digitals at JessicaSprague.com. I love the colors, especially on the kraft paper!!!! This page makes me wish that I have some real washi tapes… some bright blue or yellow ones! I also want those plastic flowers. I saw some on