Vroom Vroom

I wanted to do something for the boys. Having two girls, it’s never that difficult to find little fun things for the girls’ goodie bags or stocking stuffers. But boys, that’s a bit of a dark zone for me! So the other day, while browsing the toy aisle at the BX on base, I came upon these: Fresh Metal Slickers. IMHO, they’re more fun than Match Box Toys because these ones move forward after you pull them back! I like!! To make it more festive, I added some chocolates tied up with baker’s twine (although you can use any string).

My First Dolly

I have been having an I’m-so-dang-proud-of-myself moment since I finished Jovie’s dolly. One of her Christmas present from me and one of her big wish on her list. It took me almost six hours to complete this! I think I could have gotten it done in four hours if my sewing machine wasn’t so temperamental. Somebody who’s used to sewing can probably whip it up in two hours! I used this pattern and tutorial to get this doll and after following everything, I got Anabelle. Yes, I think that’s what I shall name her! Check out the little collar. So

M’s Scrapbook Contest

Hello hello!! I am still alive!! The weather’s been great, the kids’ been busy and I’ve just been busy with them, house and photography. I am though itching to do lots of scrapbooking if nothing else!! Oh, and some sewing! In a month’s time we’ll be moving to a house just in the next village. We’ll miss our village but the girls will still be in the same school for a little bit longer, or Emma may move and Jovie stay – we’ll see, but there will be so many more positives at our new place than not and we’re

A Little Christmasy Project

Last Sunday Emma and three of her girlie friends came over to do some arts and crafts. There were lots of talks, giggles, a bit of play and a lot of crafting. I was actually a bit surprised. I thought they’d do a bit of craft work and then spend the whole day playing. The girls had a great time but I think the highlight of their craft moment was when they got to use the Sizzix machine and WPlus9 die-cuts to create all sorts of goodness. They cut out some snow flakes, Christmas trees, tags, hearts, and more. One

A Bit of Stitching

Miss M turned 8 last Sunday. Being 8 is somewhat bitter sweet for her though. She loves that she can go into the pool’s changing room on her own or be able to participate in “better” art workshops at museums and such. But at the same time, she wishes she’s seven still so that she can be the same age as the other girls in the development program at her gymnastics club. It’s not a major issue and it’s one of the reason why we switched gymnastics club, so that she can move up quicker and be with other 8-yrs-old

She Got Teary Eyed

Because I made her the above. I’ve never seen Emma so happy to receive a handmade item from me and so all the work (up until 2 a.m. and spent a good two hours just cause I suck at sewing) was completely worth it!!! I left the book on top of her uniform yesterday morning and while not captured on camera, the excitement that I saw on her face was just like Christmas morning — probably better! Card making’s fun, scrapbooking makes preserving memories prettier but the best part of crafting is making something that would make Emma smile (and