Me, A Boy

I’m not blessed in the female upper body department. It was tough growing up cause most if not all of my girl friends had some sort of shape but not Savitri. Nursing was great because for a little bit I had some curves. When I went back to work after maternity leave I think one of the first things I said to my colleague was: “Check this out” while posing. I know, very professional, huh? Ha ha ha…. But it was one of the many reasons why I loved working there, I had an awesome group of female colleagues whom

Sweet Oreos

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Kind of weird, even though I don’t work now I still look forward to Fridays. I think it’s because I know we’ll all be home the next day and also that it’s just another day until market day!! Granted there’s market day everyday around us the big more fun ones are always on Saturdays. I can’t wait until next week either. There are a lot of things to share, new projects using Clear and Simple Stamps and WPlus9 (AWESOME sets you’ll want to have!!) and some personal news – no we’re not having another one!! Page details: I


The girls are very lucky to have this dude as a dad. He not only loves and cares about these two girls but he’s also fun, funny, sweet, and approachable. He’s the kind of dad who looks forward to Jovie napping on him for hours or putting aside his own fun so that he can help M learn to ride her bike. Hugs and kisses from the girls are what makes him happy and even though he hates doo, he’ll go change Jovie’s poopie diapers. When the girls grow up they’ll also realize that daddy’s a great person to talk

Push-Up Time

I love this picture and who knows how much longer this activity will last but M LOVES to be on top of dad while he does the push-ups. Hubby works out almost everyday at the gym but every so often he’d do a few extras at home… or when M ask for “horsie push-up game.” She thinks this is the best thing a dad can do for her… for sure mom can’t do this {::SMILES}. I can’t wait to start working out again though. Soon, soon! I’ve been good. I haven’t shopped much and have just been using up my

My Turkey Butt

That’s what M said last month or so. It came from this: I call her little butt “chicken butt”. I don’t know if there is such a term but it came from chicken legs in my little head. When I ask her to do something I’d say something like, “get your chicken butt up stairs.” So one morning while I was getting dressed… to be more exact I was putting my pants on and my bum was facing the door… Emma came in my closet and she said, “Mommy, you have a turkey butt. Your butt got big!” AHHHHHHHHH!!!! If