Happy Birthday, Jovie!!

I remember my post from 3 years ago. I little introduction to one precious baby girl. She’s been such a wonderful addition to our family. She makes us laugh, she amazes us each day with her cleverness, she tests our patience, she has probably gotten more time outs than Emma but we couldn’t have asked for a better daughter and sister. She’s such a little character and we just love her to pieces. She woke up to a very good morning. She knew it was special because we all wished her happy birthday. She knew the day was super special

Jovie’s Belated

Well, my baby girl is officially 2… almost a month later… While we did celebrate when we were driving around France it didn’t feel right, a small cupcake in a hotel room after dinner wasn’t enough I thought. So today we did a little happy belated party. It wasn’t anything big. On some Thursdays M has her friends over. Since we see them often (between school, ballet and gymnastics), these girls have become Jovie’s best buds. When the girls are here I usually give them a little snack anyways so the only difference was the cake (which was BEAUTIFUL), good

Just Stuff + Christmas

How’s your week so far? Our has been BUSY since hubby’s on a 12-hr shift at work since Sunday!!! We had a great weekend though! Saturday we spent a nice time in Kansas City. We had my birthday luncheon, sushi, and then went to check-out a pumpkin patch at a farm in Liberty, MO. We went there because we heard that they have awesome pumpkin donuts. I don’t care for pumpkins but hubby thought it was great and so he bought 4 dz of them. Yes, 48 stinkin’ donuts!!! Oh, we got into a fender bender too. Dang! Just a

Jovie’s Baptismal

Jovie had a very lovely baptismal. The priest who did it wasn’t our regular and so we weren’t sure what he was going to do (he kept saying he’s never dropped a baby before) and we thought he did a very nice job. The reading we could have done without (I’ll write where it’s from when I find the bulletin) but it was about cutting your hand off if your hand sins and plucking your eye out if your eye sins. Anyhow, here are some pics… the dress is a hand-me-down (like most of Jovie’s stuff) from M and her

I Bruised Jovie

NOT! But it looked it. We were outside enjoying the sunset a few days ago and here’s our conversation… Hubby: Is that a bruise on Jovie’s forehead? Me: (I looked and analyzed) Ha ha… no. It does look it huh? Hubby: What is it? Me: It’s poo stain. She had a blow-out and I had to take her outfit off and I took it off over her head. Hubby: You are so gross. Me: Not gross, it was an accident. (Pause) Man, I should have said yes to the bruise and have you kiss her boo-boo. Hubby: I hate you