And She’s Off

To school… First day of (intro to) pre-school today. She was so excited to go. We’ve been pumping her up for it you see. And one of her best friend was there and the moment she saw him, she was hooked on school! I was worried that she might freak out when I left but she didn’t. I said goodbye, she didn’t even acknowledge me, and off I went. I stayed for tea in the next building and left 30 minutes later. So here I am, blogging in peace (when I should probably be cleaning). Ahhh… the girls are growing

Mom vs Child

We’re having a standoff…. and arguments… Me: Jovie, eat your eggs! Jovie: I don’t want to!! Me: Jovie, if you don’t eat your eggs, you can’t do anything fun today! Jovie: (Pouts in corner) Two minutes later… Jovie: Mommy, I want to watch a movie. Me: Nope, you need to eat your eggs! Jovie: But I don’t want to!! Me: But you have to! Jovie: I don’t want to eat the eggs, you’re crazy! Me: (GASPS) I am not crazy! Now eat your eggs!! Jovie: (Pouts some more) Unless it’s a good day, the above (minus the crazy part, that’s

Teeth and Potty

Last week was a productive week. Big girl got two teeth extracted and baby girl is now almost potty trained. Emma has bad teeth. Of all that’s came out, only two happened naturally. The rest were courtesy of the dentist. When M’s teeth were pulled the first two times, she did them gracefully. She was VERY calm laying on the dentist’s chair. I am still now sure how he managed to do that. Maybe it was because he’s been her dentist since she was 9 months old or that he gave her more gas or was just good at hiding

Look, Mom!

A Rock!! Happy Friday, all!! Hope your week has been good to you. We went to our favourite local garden yesterday and took a little stroll while taking pics of the two bundles of joy. It’s M’s half term break. We didn’t go anywhere far but kept busy visiting all sorts of places around us while swimming and going to gymnastics. Until next time!!

How Old Are You, Jovie?

Two (in the cutest little voice while showing us two of her fingers). Jovie turned two four days ago, June 4th to be exact. Oh how time flies and look at her! The above photo was taken on her birthday. She picked out her birthday outfit all by herself (well, while mom was kind of shoving the dress in front of her face, HA!). We all LOVE this little girl to pieces and despite how two-like she can be (aka terrible), she’s the most adorable little thing (and she knows it). Happy happy, Jovie! We’re still celebrating because mom hasn’t

Jovie’s B-Day Pics

A little bit of the girls to share with you… Here’s M helping Jovie with the candle. This is a raspberry jelly cupcake. None of us are really into icing… well Jovie is but we’re going the healthier route… good jelly with no odd ingredients and homemade cupcakes. I missed the shot but I got it below… Guess Jovie wasn’t so sure about getting her fingers dirty in the red goopy stuff. So she just dove right in. After… Finally decided that touching the cupcake was pretty safe. Eating like a normal person. And she’s done… she throws ALL her