Last Day of Summer

I never thought I’d say this but, I am going to miss the girls when they start school tomorrow! Emma will be in year 4, or 3rd grade, and Jovie in pre-school. We had so much fun going places, swimming and gymnastics (well M at gym and Jovie and I either at soft play or a coffee shop) that each day whizzed by without a pause. During the summer a few goals were achieved. M’s goals were gym related and she got all of them accomplished. My goal was to go through some old stuff and even though I did

The Girls and Nice Restaurants

Maybe we’re lucky, but we’ve been able to take the kids to nice restaurants (places that most people would only go on anniversaries) since they could sit on a high chair. Even with Jovie’s pickiness, I never ask whether they have a kid’s meal or not. While I do ask what the kids want to eat for lunch/dinner (if I am cooking that is), when it comes to eating out, mom and dad gets to pick and they eat whatever is on the menu. I remember when Emma was about Jovie’s age and I booked a dinner at a French


Back in the days, mostly before Jovie was born, I used to talk about poo every so often. I think somebody even said (jokingly) that I probably had one of the most poo blog posts {::SMILES}. So today, just for old time sakes, I want to share this older but still happy news: Jovie is completely potty trained. She did her first toilet poo on July 24th. She cried each time she wanted to go after that, for about a week and a half (or maybe more… it’s been about two weeks now since she’s been ok with the whole


She dances like nobody’s watching and she sings like nobody’s listening. What she didn’t know was this: She did have an audience. She’s so happy and she makes everybody around her smile and laugh with her. Hope this post brought a little smile your way…