Happy Thoughts

Today I will be thinking about Jovie a lot. Tonight will be our last 3-yr-old hugs, kisses, talks, giggles, laughs and cuddles. Tomorrow, she’ll be a sweet little 4-yrs-old. She can’t wait and today she said (in her oh so sweet voice): It’s ok, mommy, I have to grow up sometimes. But I’ll always be your baby girl! Ahhhhh… she’s even speaking like a big girl! Since I was feeling a bit nostalgic and melancholic, I made a card using WPlus9’s new goodies (coming out June 5th) that’s soft and sweet. Hope you like and before you go, do visit

Baby Girl’s Card

Happy Sunday!! It’s BEAUTIFUL in England today and the perfect day to celebrate an early birthday! It’ll be Jovie’s birthday in a couple of days and due to our super busy schedule, we decided to do something special today. Can you believe she’ll be four on Tuesday?!?!?! Where did the time go?!?! So later today, after some more outside play, hubby’s going to make a cake and we’ll fire up the grill for a family BBQ. YAY! Last night (I know, last minute, but we just got back from holiday) I made her a sweet little card with all her

36 More Days

Until Jovie’s birthday party! And I’ve gone a bit overboard on the planning — but hey, what’s new {::SMILES} Jovie and I decided to do a fairy and pirate birthday party for her upcoming fourth birthday. Since we just decided a week ago, I moved the party back to the 15th instead of closer to the 4th of June (her birth day), so that I can prepare accordingly. Soooooooo, to make the party oh so pretty and fun, crazy mama here ordered over 600 yards of 6″ tulle to make six tutus, a few pom pom tulle decors, and tulle

Hey, Let’s Take a Photo of You Two!

But I don’t want to take a picture with Emma!! Jovie, let me sit next to you! No! I don’t want you next to me!! Emma, don’t laugh at me! I don’t want you to take a picture with me! Mommy, take the picture now! (Mommy was too busy laughing out loud to take any serious photo) Emma, go away! Now, mommy!! Mommy, hurry take a picture of me!! (And look, I am not going to take my eyes off of Emma while you’re at it) Jovie, let me hide behind you while you take your picture! Ok, Emma. (Emma

This Little Girl

Went to school yesterday and she cried, cried, cried. So I couldn’t get any before school pictures because she was already refusing school the minute she woke up. BUT, school went well for her. Yes she screamed the loudest before I left and yes she was air kicking and clawing once the teacher pulled her away from me (probably more like peeled off me) but after a few minutes, she calmed down and after a few more, she was doing all sorts of fun activities – painting being the highlight. Most of the mums said that Jovie was fine when