36 More Days

Until Jovie’s birthday party! And I’ve gone a bit overboard on the planning — but hey, what’s new {::SMILES} Jovie and I decided to do a fairy and pirate birthday party for her upcoming fourth birthday. Since we just decided a week ago, I moved the party back to the 15th instead of closer to the 4th of June (her birth day), so that I can prepare accordingly. Soooooooo, to make the party oh so pretty and fun, crazy mama here ordered over 600 yards of 6″ tulle to make six tutus, a few pom pom tulle decors, and tulle

Fun Invite

The weather is blah and I feel blah. Don’t you hate how your environment effects you? My creative side has been blown away too the last few days but I managed to make the above last night. I’m thinkin’, maybe this summer, M can have a little tea party. Invite a couple of friends and send her little friends this funky fun invite. M likes it and she’s excited with the idea. We’ll see. I think we can gather a couple little girls over. I don’t feel like writing either… so this is it. Weather and hormones I think. Ahhh…