When He Cooks

He always presents the food just so {::SMILES}. While I did think of breaking up with him because my from scratch spaghetti sauce gave him heart burns, I kept trying in hopes that his body will adjust. Food, good eating, is very important to me and the thought of being with somebody who can’t appreciate it would be difficult. I’ve been a natural food store and farmer’s market consumer even before the organic/green hype and dining out at quality restaurants is what I save my money for. While I did, still do, have my occasional ramen noodles (mostly Indonesian or

To My Favorite Guy

Happy birthday!!! So very glad that you were born many years ago! So very glad too that I met you 8-yrs ago, drunk and all, at a club. If we met in an online dating site we would most likely never have gotten together. The system would never in a million years match us up (if it did, it would be because of the plus/minus 3% margin of error… or a computer glitch), HA!! You have to admit though, I am a lot more charming in person than in photos or online (he’s thinkin’: Yeah, right, only if no word

M’s B-Day, Part 1

M’s bday isn’t until Feb. 5th but because of our awesome moving schedule we decided to have a month of celebrating M’s bday. Today it was family day and she chose Dim Sum at Bo Ling‘s in Kansas City… or actually Overland Park, a suburb of KC on the Kansas side. As always it was delicious. Then we grabbed a few things from Whole Foods and then ice skating. BUT, ice skating didn’t happen because it was an outside rink and our little princess did not want to be out in the 9 degrees Fahrenheit (-12-ish Celcius) weather (we don’t

M’s Present by Hubby and I

Today the moving folks came to take part of our stuff. Even though it hasn’t really hit us, our (slow) big move to England is finally starting. We can’t wait and in my head I’m imagining all the places we’ll see and the food we’ll eat. You all know I LOVE to eat. You should have been there for our first date. I ate everything on my plate! My then not-even-boyfriend was in awe. It’s amazing that he called me up again the next day he he… Today I took lots of naps and by late afternoon I was feeling

I’m Thankful for…

I am a VERY lucky person and I am grateful each and everyday. But every year on Thanksgiving I do think about it a bit more and still the best three things in my life are the folks above. Then my friends and a handful of extended families. I also have my health. I’m very lucky there. My dentist said I’m one of the 1% who still have their wisdom teeth and I rarely get sick. I have every single body part that I was born with. Everything else in my life… they’re wonderful bonuses. My education has been a